DJ Delay beams out of Berlin with new whacko club sounds for the end of the year!

Playlist 24/11/08 - Eurobass #3

1. Rockin' Wiz Us CLP [Shitkatapult]
2. I'm So Trill CLP [Shitkatapult]
3. Munket Monster Zoku Onsomb [Death$ucker]
4. Xylophobia Monster Zoku Onsomb [Death$ucker]
5. Dance Like A Ho Otto Von Shirach [Cockrockdisco]
6. Insatiable CLP [Shitkatapult]
7. ExterminAPE Monster Zoku Onsomb [Death$ucker]
8. Peace Flowers Monster Zoku Onsomb [Death$ucker]
9. Die Soundboy Die Kid 606 [Tigerbeat 6]
10. War Luke's Anger [Tigerbeat 6]
11. Romance In The Club Otto Von Shirach [Cockrockdisco]
12. Suerconfidential CLP [Shitkatapult]
13. Matterhorn Stab Monster Zoku Onsomb [Death$ucker]
14. Robota (funk gadget remix) CLP [Shitkatapult]

Greets after a long hiatus as Delay relocated from Melbourne to Berlin. Fresh tunes all the way in this mix featuring a couple of new discs. Highly recommended is the debut album from CLP (Chris De Luca of Funkstoerung & Phon.o). A great mix of messed up hip hop and club sounds with fresh emcees to boot. Also right up there is Brisbane's Monster Zoku Onsomb. Obscure sounding name with an album of super fresh and very twisted take on 50's schlock horror movies, rave, jungle, techno and psychobilly. An absolute must for the adventurous listener and dancer. Also great mew stuff from Kid 606, Luke's Anger and Otto Von Shirac.

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Cheers Delay.


blair said:
All I can is YAY!!
don b said:
great selection!! dig the clp shit..
DJ Delay said:
DJ Delay homepage !

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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