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Playlist 14/11/08 with Hudson Mohawke & Mamiko Motto

2. Soul Mirage - Cool Change (instrumental) [CDR]
3. Lanu feat Christin Deralas - Let You Glow [Local People]
4. Anton Delecca Quartet - Catalyst (live at the Paris Cat) [CDR]
5. Lava Musique Ensemble - Talking a Blue Streak [CDR]
6. Ennio Styles - Zouk [Counterpoint]
8. Nation of the Multiverse - Hanikami [Routine]
9. Routine Jazz Sextet - Boom Jackie Boom Chick [Routine]
10. Yukihiro Fukutomi - Out of Nowhere [Avex]
11. Ginger Does Em All - Middy-Biddy [Delic]
12. Kendra Lou & the Miracles - Everyday [Wah Wah 45s]
13. Alicia Keys - Saviour [J]
14. Menahan Street Band - The Traitor [Daptone]
15. Pacific Heights - Tambourines [Trutone]
16. Fat Freddy's Drop - Pull the Catch [The Drop]
17. Mike Fabulous - Cosmic Echos [Blank Stationery]
18. Electric Wire Hustle - Perception [CDR]
20. Hudson Mohawke - Star Crackout [All City]
21. Heralds of Change - Asswank [All City]
22. Heralds of Change - Spotted [All City]
23. Heralds of Change feat Olivier Daysoul - Bopgunn [All City]
24. Heralds of Change - Stay Cool (instrumental) [All City]
25. Hudson Mohawke - Free Mo [Ubiquity]
27. Hudson Mohawke feat Mamiko Motto - Paint the Stars [Warp]
28. Dorian Concept - Untitled [Nod Navigators]
29. Maxmillion Dunbar - Outrageous Soulz [Future Times]
30. Hudson Mohawke - Fruit Touch [Warp]
31. Don Blackman - Since You've Been Away So Long [Arista]
32. Hudson Mohawke - You Nard (?) [Warp]


We've had far too many tributes to fallen figures from the music scene this year, but 31 year old Melbourne keyboard master Will Poskitt was both the youngest and the closest to home. He was adept playing in jazz, soul, electronica, classical, theatre and more and contributed to the music of many Stylin-friendly artists like Simon Gorman/Soul Mirage, Lanu, Crackpot, Lava Musique Ensemble, Anton Delecca (from the Bamboos) and even my own releases for Counterpoint and Raw Fusion. He was an enormous talent on the keys who will be missed by so many. RIP Will.

I would have loved to have had more time to chat with Hudson Mohawke and Mamiko Motto about their various projects, but I would have equally loved more time to hear them in the mix too. It's fairly well-known by now that Hudson Mohawke has signed to Warp, but we a got a few more details: an EP should be out in January, with the album to follow a couple of months later. We heard some of these tunes as well as a collab between my guests, with Mamiko on vocals for a cover of Jimi Tenor, one that HudMo has done for a forthcoming Warp compilation of new Warp artists doing tunes from the label's back catalogue. Other guest vocalists haven't been locked down, but we can expect to hear Olivier Daysoul, Dam-Funk, JJak Hogan, Steve Spacek and possibly Janelle Monae, Freeway and even 80s soul legend Alexander O'Neal.

Mamiko herself has plenty going on. Amongst the news from her end is the Metro Sampler compilation on Faces Records (including Stylin favourite Stro the 89th Key), new Faces releases from MTC and Mono/Poly, an new folk/psych-oriented compilation based around the mythical planet Coltrania. She also gave us a preview of a new Dorian Concept EP on Nod Navigators and confirmed that the incredible productions of Oriol will be getting a release on Kindred Spirits before long.

Of the tracks I played, it was mostly Japanese and New Zealand music for some reason, including a great reggae/disco 45 from Black Seeds member Mike Fabulous. If you want one, be quick, as only 100-odd copies were pressed (Melbourne folk check the Northside).

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