Michael with his "change has come" tribute and the rythms of black flowers mix by gordon cole. soulsearching indeed!

Playlist 12/11/08

soulsearching #560
2. Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come [RCA]
3. The Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh-Oh- Child [Buddah Records]
4. Gil Scott Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Early Version) [Flying Dutchmen]
5. Chicago Afrobeat Project bscg2 [CAbP]
6. Carlos Nino & Lil Sci Intro / Whats The Science [Kindred Spirits]
7. Fumio Itabashi Watarase (from Smile) [Solid]
8. Miriam Makeba (R.I.P.) Quit It [Amiga ]
9. Dizzy Gillespie Kush (live from Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac) [Impulse]
Rythm Of Black Flowers Mix by Gordon Cole (Toulouse/Campus Radio)
11. Blaze Blackbyrd Interlude/Spiritually Speaking [Slip’n’ Slide]
12. Mettle Music Tranquility 2001/Ambient Mix [R2 Records]
13. DJ Spinna vs Rich Medina Reality/Accapella [WonderWax]
14. 3 Generations Walking To Live [Spiritual Life ]
15. USG Presents African Blues Afrodrama Therapy/Supreme Vision Mix [Distance]
16. Those Guys feat. Ras Baraka An American poem/ Jus’ Ras [Basement Boys Records ]
17. Jamie Lewis & DJ Pippi feat. Kim Cooper Impress Me/Accapella [Purple Music ]
18. Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Weary Blues [Verve Records]
19. Direct Disco Join The Disco Ride [Purple Music]
20. Gil Scott-Heron Ain’t No New Thing [Flying Dutchman ]
21. The Waters Trying Hard To Look Inside [Capitol Records]
22. Marlena Shaw You Are The Sunshine Of My Life [Blue Note ]
23. Kyoto Jazz Massive The Brightness Of These Days [Compost Records]
24. Micatone Belgien [Sonar Kollektiv]
25. Godspeed You Black Emperor Motherfucker = Redeemer (Part. 2) [Constellation]
26. Saul Williams Not In Our Name/Pledge Of Resistance (Original) [Ninja Tune]
27. Wild Magnolias Battlefield/Park Side Lounge Mix [Spiritual Life]
28. Osunlade New Day/Quentin Harris Remix [Yoruba Records]
29. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Buena Vista Records
30. Dilated Peoples The Last Line Of Defense (Instrumental) [ABB Records]


as i said last week, should have played a bit of sam cooke, change has come hopefully, a bit of a tribute to the historical election and may it last . . .

a bit shocked by the news about miriam makebas aka mama africas sudden death on stage, she's done a lot for the change in south africa, in her own words without political purpose. she will be missed ! and theres a lot more than "pata pata", although its a great song, i have chosen the bluesy "quit it" from the album "a promise". R.I.P. mama africa.

went to see josé james 2 weeks ago in heidelberg and been blown away - again. still on a high from the nights before he came in directly from new york and wow, this man is getting better and better - brilliant band as well, robert mitchell on the piano, check his album as well - new wave of uk jazz.

plus a special mix which came in just a few hours before the show, out of toulouse/campus radio by gordon cole. true journey into the rythms of black flowers as he named it. enjoyed that, merci bien, gordon!

looking very much forward to this saturday 22nd november at hafen2 where i will be joined by alex barck / jazzanova on the turntables for the second soulsearching evening this year at the place with the best sound system. tickets on sale already. . .

thats it for now,

just enjoy the music,


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