Owner of Tree club in Japan and one of the countrie's top Jazz/Freestyle DJs.

Chikashi Nishiwaki is one of Japan's leading freestyle DJs. Spreading his musical tastes, like his love for the planet, across all fields of music reaching out and touching many and including all.

Chikashi has been playing for many seasons now and is in the peak of a fine career as a collector, spinner and contributor to Japan's ever evolving and developing music scene. Having played alongside the likes of Jazztronik, UFO, Gilles Peterson, Soil and Pimp Sessions and many more... Chikashi's mantra is all about spreading the word of global love and unity to create a harmonious world behind and in front of the decks.

Fortunately for us (in OZ) Chikashi Nishiwaki plans a tour of Australia this summer where he will be playing in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth as part of Straightup's Jazz Lounge.


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