Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present...

Playlist 7/11/08

1. The Discoettes - Yes we can can [ BBE]
2. Quiet Village - Pillow Talk [ K7]
3. Gagle - Practice & Tactix (Guynamukat remix) [ Mukatsuku]
4. Rapson - Grapevine [ SPM]
5. 6ix Toys - Voodoo People [ First Word]
Guest Mix Andrea Trout - Seasons Change
7. Crazy P - Never gonna reach me [ 2020 Vision]
8. Stephanie McKay - Tell it like it is [ Muthas of invention]
9. En Vogue - Give him something he can feel [ Eastwest]
10. Boyd Jarvis ft Sade - Couldn't love you more (Mr K edit) [ White]
11. Mark E Dragon - Good Times [ Internatjonal]
12. The Dynamics - Move on up [ Grooveattack]
13. Bob Marley - Exodus [ Island]
14. Mr Scruff ft Pete Simpson - This way [ Ninja Tune]
15. Gecko Turner - 45.000$ (Guapa Pasea) (Afrodisiac Soundsystem remix) [ Love Monk]
16. Ralph McDonald - Calypso Path (Sofrito edit) [ Sofrito Specials]
17. Tuomo - Ballroom Girl [ Jupiter]
End of mix
19. Somi - African Lady (Soul Feast African Suite Version) [ Sacred Rhythm]
20. Try To Find Me vol 1 - Sir mr doctor to you [ Golf Channel]
21. Gagle - Snow Revolution (Dj Mitsu the Beats 2008 rework) [ Mukatsuku]
22. 7 Samurai ft Blue eyez - Jah Music [ Poets club]
23. Banda Los Huos De La Nina Luz - El sapoCrees que soy sexy [ Soundway]

Back on the case this week with a massive two hour show!

Kicking thing off as we mean to go on. Big up Obama!!! A special cover version of Yes We Can Can by the Discoettes to start off the show. You know what I'm talking about...

Lots of treats this time round on Hood Radio Show, we got an exclusive for you from the lovely Andrea Trout with her new mix, "Seasons Change"
check the ad running down the side of the page and get your body into a Trout Tee!

New stuff from Rapson with his take on Marvin Gaye, Joe Clausell gets busy under his Soul Feast guise to rehaul Somi's African Lady. We got some mad as you like cover versions of Rod Stewart and the Prodigy and some sweet new hip hop soul from 7 Samurai and Gagle.

A very mixed bag indeed

Enjoy the show!


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