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Playlist 10/10/08

1. Doug Carn - Suratal Ihklas (Fulgeance 'Smartbangin' Remix) [Heavenly Sweetness]
2. Unknown - One Step (Souleance Re-edit) [Oui Play]
3. Made in Japan - City at Night [Citywurl]
4. Bilal Salaam - Epilogue for Reparations [Noohustle]
5. Amp Fiddler/Sly & Robbie - Crazy Day [Strut]
7. Hefner - Dive into You [Inertia]
8. Lee Jones - Beginn [Aus]
10. Pezzner - Almost Here Part 3 [Freerange]
11. Ken Ishii - Organised Green (Fabrice Lig's Live Version) [70Drums]
12. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam [Ram]
13. Eero Johannes - Natt I Spårvagnen [Planet Mu]
14. Murs - The Science [Warner Bros]
15. Think Twice feat Manchilde - God Bless the Childe [P-Vine]
16. The Primeridian feat Yaw, Iomos Marad & Imani - Takuthere [All Natural]
17. Kid Sublime feat Illa J - We Don't Play [Dopeness Galore]
18. The Foreign Exchange - Leave it All Behind [Foreign Exchange]
19. The Astronotes - Footprints (SWB Instrumental [4 Lux]
20. Energie du Verre - United Ancestors [Batterie]
21. Pe'zmoku - Nica's Dream [Def Star]
22. Quasimode - Jeannine [Geneon]
23. Joubert Singers - Stand on the Word (Larry Levan Mix) [Tirk]
24. Lightning Head feat Earl Zinger - Invisible Twin [Lion Head]
25. Chanan Hanspal - It's Only Just a Garden (Yam Who Rework) [Here & Now]
26. Blackbelt Andersen - November [Full Pupp]


I'm not usually the biggest 'tech house' fan. I'd much rather listen to proper techno like Fabrice Lig (sounding very Mad Mike on his new remix of Ken Ishii). But I've quite enjoyed a few of Lee Jones' releases on Aus Music, including his new album. Well it turns out that Lee Jones is the guy behind the late 90s/early 00s Hefner productions which for me were the evolution of the K&D sound.

Also this week: got to catch up some recent hip hop, including some great lyrics from Murs. If you like the Quasimode stuff, check out the Pe'zmoku tune. Lightning Head gets on a Liquid Liquid tip. Yam Who gets on the boogie tip (of course). D&B producers Chase & Status get on the dubstep tip. Eero Johannes follows Beem in delivering a full-length skweee album. And to start the show, two cuts from one of my favourite producers of recent times, Fulgeance.

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