Michael with a stopover in Atlanta: very special mix by Kai Alce, filled with loads of soul for the feet!

Playlist 2/10/08

soulsearching #555
2. Marbert Rocel The Pack/Part Time Heroes Remix [Compost 300]
3. Herbie Hancock Wiggle Waggle/Mr. Scruff Remix [Columbia]
4. Steel An Skin Afro Punk Reggae Dub [Honest Jons]
5. Unknown Yes You Can [Moxie Edits 014]
6. Atlantic Conveyor We Are [Untracked]
7. Luther Vandross Don't You Know That [Epic]
8. Gagle Snow Revolution Instrumental 2008 Edit [Mukatsuku]
KAI ALCE PICKED FRUITS 4 soulsearching 2008
10. George Benson The World Is A Ghetto [WB]
11. Bohannon Zulu [Dakar]
12. 33 1/3 Queen Disco 4 [Nu Groove]
13. Second Crusade May The Funk Be With You [Freeze]
14. Donnie If I were U [CDR]
15. D Influence No Illusions [East West]
16. Soul Movement Dreamin [Shelter]
17. Truth Open Our Eyes [FFRR]
18. The Sun God Leo Leo Rising [Eargasmic]
19. Theo Parrish Lights Down Low (Rough Dub) [CDR]
20. Isaac Hayes Love Can't Turn Around [ABC Records]
21. Ten City Devotion (KZR Looped Retouch) [CDR]
22. Boo Williams Move Somebody [SJU]
23. Mr. Fingers Children At Play [MCA]
24. Mr. V Circle Track [Sole Channel]
25. Alton Miller Love's Been Right Here (Mush Remix) [Tastemaker ]
26. KZRC Avoiding Obstacles [CDR]
27. Desiya Comin On Strong [Mute]
28. Curtis Fuller Minor Vamp [Savoy Jazz]
29. Jose James Desire (KDJ Rmx) [Brownswood CDR]
31. Bob James KCR Edit [CDR]


GREAT mix out of Atlanta by the man, Kai Alce. Definately the way i like it.
From Jazz to Disco to House and back again. Thanks a lot, Kai!

next stopover: Berlin with Daniel Best Seven Selection.

enjoy the music,



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