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Playlist 12/09/08 with DJ Kuya

1. Black Ivory - You & I [Today]
2. Q-Tip - Gettin Up [Motown]
3. Fat Loop - Electric Relaxation [Dimid]
4. Guynamite - Light at the End [Mukatsuku]
5. Oriol - Flux [CDR]
6. Waiwan - A Change of Mind [Jus Listen]
7. Fertile Ground - Take Me Higher (Waiwan Remix) [Counterpoint]
8. Goldie feat Jenna G - Letting Go [Metalheadz]
10. DJ Kuya - Uncertain Future [CDR]
11. DJ Kuya - Africa Voodoo [CDR]
12. Michael Jackson - Baby Be Mine (DJ Kuya Remix) [CDR]
13. DJ Kuya - What's Wrong Babe [CDR]
14. Busta Rhymes - Woo Haa (DJ Kuya Remix) [CDR]
15. DJ Kuya - No Weakness [CDR]
17. Fulgeance - Raw [CDR]
18. Souleance - Les Filles [Oui Play]
19. Freddie Joachim - Winter Rainbows [CDR]
20. Spec Boogie - Bed Stuy [CDR]
21. Moonstarr - Gonna Break it Down [PTR]
22. Phuture Motion presents El Ladron - Lluvia Nieve [Freestyle]
23. Mo Horizons - Flying Away (Tribal Club Mix) [Agogo]
24. Unknown (feat El Michels Affair?) - Synthetic Substitution [Traffic]
25. Cro-Magnon - Black Stone [Lastrum]
26. Kenny Larkin - Androgenous [Planet E]


Multiple Victorian and Australian DMC and ITF title-holder DJ Kuya dropped in this week, not to show off his turntable trickery, but to showcase his lesser-known production skills. We heard a small sampling of the catalogue of beats he is building, centering around a hip hop approach but soaking in an array of different influences. To check out more beats - and some vids of that turntable trickery - check out www.myspace.com/djkuyaayukjd.

Also on this week's show, hot new producer Oriol drops some hi-tech boogie. Look out for an EP on Kindred Spirits soon. Waiwan is back, a perfect excuse to revisit his amazing Fertile Ground remix from 2001. Fulgeance is set to drop a stack of new tunes, on his own and in collaboration as Souleance and Connecticut - two this week, more to come. And El Michels Affair and the Truth & Soul crew have gone undercover to record instrumental versions of Ultimate Breaks & Beats classics.

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