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DJ Olive (USA)

DJ Olive has prepared a special mix for the show, the TITICACA BBQ MIX, a fun radio piece with friends. DJ Olive is known for many sounds, from beats to sleep to avant-turntablism. In the early 90’s he was an active member of the infamous Williamsburg scene, producing ambient events throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. He was a founding member of We™, one of the most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the ninties. As a joke, he gave birth to the term “illbient” and has been credited with founding the illbient movement. As an improvisor he has performed with thousands of world class musicians such as Luc Ferrari, Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, Uri Caine, John Zorn, Christian Fennez, plus many more. He also co-heads the Agriculture record label.

DJ Olive is currently on tour in Australia.


maurizio said:
bellissima !!!
fantastic selection !!!
I can improve my work with this sound
Plum Industries said:
Full tracklist of TITICACA BBQ MIX can be found at www.plumindustries.org
Béoldal said:
f*king good!
Yuri said:
‘Children and God’ by Mark Schwartz is beautiful.
ELEVENELEVEN is now on Alias Frequencies. DJ Olive mix can be downloaded from http://aliasfrequencies.org/eleveneleven-12-dj-olive-usa-titicaca-bbq-mix/

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