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Playlist 5/09/08 with Paprika

1. DJ Bacon - Universal B-Boy Megamix [white]
2. Terra Firma - Recordlection [Simbiotic Mind]
3. Cro-Magnon - Galactic Mellow (Grooveman Spot Mountain Remix) [Lastrum]
4. Creative Swing Alliance - Strasbourg [Bagpak]
5. Stacy Epps - Who Knows [Japanubia]
6. Yamama'nym - He Makes Me [2AM]
7. Yahzarah - Natrual [self-released]
8. Ed Motta - Ikarus on the Stairs [Trama]
9. Lizzy Parks - Ode to St Cecilie [Tru Thoughts]
10. Oddjob - The Big Hit [ACT]
11. Hajime Yoshizawa - The Color of Peace [Village Again]
12. Fat Freddy's Drop feat Alice Russell - The Camel [Kartel]
13. TM Juke & the Jack Baker Trio - Omak Besar [Tru Thoughts]
14. Guynamite feat D.Ablo & Selina Campbell - Pressure [Mukatsuku]
15. Roman Andren feat Fredrik Kronkvist - Vasto Como o Ceu [Ajabu!/P-Vine]
16. Quasimode - Over the Horizon (Soulphiction Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv]
17. Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash [Pookie]
18. Joss Stone - Girl They Won't Believe It [Virgin]
19. Exchange Bureau - Spookie Dookie (John Arnold Remix) [Third Ear]
20. Deetron feat Justin Chapman - Let's Get Over It (Llorca's Full Extended Mix) [Music Man]
22. Afro Dizzi Act - The Drop Off [Low Pressure]
23. Kafka - Afro Innay [Mighty Highness]


Started making the slightest of inroads into the new tunes that have been building up while we've had rewind shows the last two weeks. Still so many more to share next week and beyond.

We opened with two Aussie DJ cut & paste tunes and ended with surprise guest Paprika dropping in from Brisbane with two cuts from his city. Afro Dizzi Act have recorded a surf soundtrack with Ubiquity's Shawn Lee, while Kafka drop what may be Australia's first afrobeat 45. On the jazz tip, Sweden's Oddjob and Roman Andren are back with new albums, while we had to respin the Hajime Yoshizawa album cut that got clipped at the end of the show a few weeks back. Speaking of respins, it was timely to play Joss Stone (from Stylin's best of 07) again, a Raphael Saadiq production and co-write which is still underrated despite the attention his own new album is getting with it's similar 60s Motown influences.

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