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Playlist 16/08/08

1. Captain Planet Cleva (CP's Smarter Samba Mix) [Bstrd Boots]
2. Mo' Horizons Lovely Day Inside (Jazz Juice Remix) [AGoGo]
3. Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno Cuidad Del Swing (Full Version) [Tru Thoughts]
4. Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno Dub Del Pacifico [Tru Thoughts]
5. The Black Seeds Come To Me [Digital Kollektiv]
6. The Black Seeds Rotten Apple [Digital Kollektiv]
7. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Honey (GRC Jamaican Honey Rub) [Bstrd Boots]
8. Nightmares On Wax 195lbs [Warp]
9. Napz All The Time [Back Slide]
10. Fella Vaughan Listen Love [MPM]
11. Elektrons Joy [Wall Of Sound]
12. Anane Bem Ma Mi (Vega Club Mix) [Tommy Boy / Vega]
13. 12 Fingers Reis E Piratas (Instr. Dub) [Irma]
14. Recloose Turkish Delight (Live) [Sonar Kollektiv]

Hi, Greets from the West Coast of Australia!
I hope you enjoy this selection from my Black & Blue Radio Show. As always, many thanks to the Blair-Sta of StraightUp for hosting the show.
Here we go then with some sweet selections on the soulful, latin, afro, dub tip. Please enjoy... "Black & Blue".

Paul Gamblin (aka Heavy Mannas)


For your info;

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I will be back in 4 weeks as my next show will be for RTR's "Radiothon" fund raiser. Take cares and I thank you for your continued support. ;-)


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