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Playlist 11/08/08

1. The Voices of East Harlem - Can you feel it [ Just Sunshine Records]
2. Miami - Party Freaks (Freaky Funk edit) [ White]
3. Naps - Inner Vibes [ Backslide]
4. Canyons - Apples & Pears [ Hole in the Sky]
5. Mr Konfuse - Sabu’s Delight [ White]
6. Natural Self - Alright turn it up now [ Tru Thoughts]
7. Bronx River Parkway & Candela All Stars - San Sebastian 152 [Truth & Soul]
8. Bronx River Parkway & Candela All Stars - El Resbalon [ Truth & Soul]
9. Bronx River Parkway & Candela All Stars - La Valla [ Truth & Soul]
10. The Bahama Soul Club - Nassau Jam [ Buyu Records]
11. Freddie Cruger - Keep on moving [ Homegrown Records]
12. Erykah Badu - Honey (acapella) [ Universal]
13. Quantic presenta Flowerino Inefrno - Make Dub not war [ Tru Thoughts]
14. Cut Creators - Japanese Dreamin [ JGEP001]
15. Zo! & Tigallo - Africa [ Hall of Justus]

Summer is definitely here, having spent the best part of last weekend down at the Big Chill festival here in the UK, drinking cider, chilling with friends and getting followed everywhere by a swarm of wasps. On the strength of his live set, I’ll definitely be investigating the new album from TM Juke & Jack Baker Trio when it comes out.. Was a real treat too as they had Alice Russell come on stage and sing a few tracks with them. Another one to watch of for is the new single from Mr Scruff featuring Alice Russell on vocals too. Out in September according to the man himself…

Anyway onto the show, kicking things off with The Voices Of East Harlem the title track from the Leroy Hutson produced LP reissued on Just Sunshine Records, we ease in with some nice disco chug with tracks from Naps and Canyons before Mr Konfuse takes things to the next level with his blend, Sabu’s Delight, a mixture of the break from 'I Remember Carmen' by Sabu Martinez and the bass from the Sugarhill Gang. Works a treat…

Album of the month has to be Bronx River Parkway & The Candela All Stars - San Sebastian 152 on Truth & Soul. A proper good slice of Latin mixed with some heavy breaks. The album is so good I’ve played three tracks in a row off it. Seek out.

A few bits n pieces to wrap up with, an old Freddie Cruger track given a new lease of life by accidentally playing it at the wrong speed, a daft live blend of Erykah Badu & Quantic’s new project and finally a spot on cover version of Toto! Enjoy the show!


blair said:
hood back in the house!!
Heavy Mannas said:
Hello Matt, I hope life finds you good Boss.
The Canyons are from Perth (Western Australia). To be honest I've not heard much of their sound, but good to see them play listed with you.
T'other thing... Have you heard those "Honey" remixes on Bstrd Boots? Wicked basslines in a Reggae / Rn'B crossover sound.
take it easy mate, great show btw!
Paul from the Heavy Mannas Show. ;-)
mighty said:
Hi hood

went to the big chill as well wicked festival

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