Michael with full 120 minutes special - all about Samy Ben Redjebs Analog Africa label, heavy, HEAVY stuff!

Playlist 8/08/08

soulsearching #549
2. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Dis Moi La Verité [Analog Africa]
3. Conjunto Son San Cumbia San Pablera [Felito Records]
4. Alemaheyu Eshete Kenoru Lebitcha [Philips]
5. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Malim Kpon O [Analog Africa]
6. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Gberti Madjro [Analog Africa]
7. Les Ya-Toupas Du Zaire Je Ne Suis Pas Votre Ememi [Editions Bowane]
8. Orchestre Vevé Unknown [N/A]
9. Fela Kuti & Africa 70 Beautiful Dancer [EMI Nigeria 7inch]
10. Abafana Basegibixhegu Ngiyafunga [Ingqungqulu]
11. Conjunto Ana N'gola Kidingo [Ngola]
12. Os Bongos Kazucuta [Rebita]
13. Abel Lima Unknown [N/A]
14. Mulatu Astatke Mulatu [Worthy]
15. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo N/A [Analog Africa 5]
16. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Mi Ni Non Kpo [Analog Africa]
17. El Rego Vimado Wingnan [Aux Ecoutes]
18. Quinson Corneille & Black Santiago Vinon So Minsou [Analog Africa]
19. Los Electronicos Mi Gran Noche [Analog Africa]


A looooong time in the making, now here you go with the full Analog Africa treatment,full 120 minutes in the studio with the man, Samy Ben Redjeb. Talkin and playing strictly african music, loads of forthcoming stuff from his brilliant label Analog Africa and some Colombian nuggets thrown in for the good measure. This man has stories to tell and heavy music to bring to the ears of all who are into the golden era of african beats, the 70s. Listen carefully and check out www.analogafrica.com, killer releases past & future!

So merci bien, Samy and Poli for spending tow hours in the soulsearching studio!Can’t wait to have this special Orchestre Polyrythmo TUNE in my hands!

On the way to Varna/Bulgaria now where i will play some records at La Playa this friday,back next week with an exclusive mix by Anto Vitale out of Italia and a bunch of brandnew records for you.

ps: Andy Williams missed his flight and had other several travelling problems so could not make it to the show in time...we will retry next time you are around, Andy!

enjoy the music,



Mat Hoods said:
Amazing stuff... Big up Samy Ben Redjeb. Analog Africa blog is essential reading :)
mighty said:
Im only on the first song this amazing this really is Heavy great stuff guys im getting some of these tunes
mighty said:
This guy is the oracle its oozing out of him great stories and conversation and give me hope Joanna is a cool song he played as Glastonbury this year and the whole crowd was singing this song a great sight to see.
the1thespian said:
Samy, your music choices made may day (as well as many of my nights out!). I ran the podcast twice yesterday and am now thoroughly drenched in good vibes. Keep on doing what you're doing an giv as hope olways olways ;p

That was one great music weekend, rounded off by running your Analog Africa myspace player in a loop.

Thank you for all that. Sandra
the1thespian said:
actually, the made MY day, but you figured that out ;p

any day of May can - of course - easily be enhanced by Analog Africa tunes as well...

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