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Playlist 30/07/08

1. Stephanie Mckay Jackson Avenue [Muthas of Invention test]
2. Choklate Waiting [Kajmere]
3. Estelle Wait A Minute [Just A Touch]
4. Ting Tings Shut Up And Let Me Go [Atlantic]
5. Beck Youthless [DGC]
6. Gynamite Light At The End [Mukatsuku test]
7. Christian Prommer Around The World - Samon Kawamura Remix [Sonar Kollektiv Test]
8. Samon Kawamura Try feat. Aloe Blacc [Jazzy Sport test]
9. J Rawls Another Tribute Dilla [Polar Ent.]
10. Yaw Where Would You Be [Brownswood / Traffic test]
11. Paul Weller One Bright Star [Universal]
12. Audace Vermeer Blue [Audace]
13. Chikara Tsuzuki Ymeji's Theme [Blue Note]
14. Jun Miyake Niji Wa Tohku [Drape]
15. Sylvia Telles Dindi [MPS]
16. Kenneth Bager Fragment One [Music For Dreams]


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