Michael with a special box of openairsummertunes plus Alex Flitsch representing Connaisseur Recordings/Frankfurt!

Playlist 3/07/08

soulsearching #545
2. Sarah Vaughn The Mystery Of Man/Marc Rapson Remix [Test]
3. Jazz Kvintet 60 Vacker Flicker [Ricky Tick]
4. Stevie Wonder Superwoman [Motown]
5. The Messengers Sacrewinsky/MR Edit [Warner Brothers]
6. Ramp American Promise [Blue Thumb]
7. Rufus Circles [ABC Records]
8. Cymande Brothers On The Slide [Janus]
9. Patti Jo Make Me Believe In You [Scepter Records]
10. Jackie Wilson I Get The Sweetest Feeling [Ace]
11. Hardkandy Dunks [Wah Wah]
12. Café Central Skindeep/Original Re-Edit [Tribeca]
13. 2 Banks Of 4 Junkyard Gods/INGRID ETO Remix [Sonarkollektiv]
ALEX FLITSCH introducing CONNAISSEUR Recordings
15. Derrick Carter Do My Thing [Cyclo]
16. Kevin Yost Darkness Into Light [i Records]
17. Chymera Caprica Burning/Dave Ellesmere's Rites Of Spring Remix [Connaisseur Supérieur]
18. Moodymanc Preacher/Bum Bum Drum Dub [2020 Vision]
19. Wareika Be Real [Connaisseur Recordings ]
20. Delano Smith Feel This [Mixmode]
21. Double X B1 [Ungleich 1]
22. Ripperton Zugunruhe/Daniel Stefanik Remix [Connaisseur Supérieur]
24. Roberto Rodriguez Ride With Me [Compost Black 33]


Got stuck in Vienna due to a broken tyre of the airplane which should bring me back in time for this radioshow from the nice New Jazz Festival in Iasi, Romania. So Vienna isn't the baddest city for an overstop - but need to tell you more about this little festival in northern Romania. My first time in the country, so nice people, very friendly mentality, good food, wine - and the young ones are really into the music! The festival has been set up as part of the celebrations of 600 years cultural history of Iasi, but i hope there'll be a second edition! Thanks to all the crews there, keep on!

Just a couple of hours before my plane took off to Iasi i was still standing behind the decks at what can be described as a special LAZY. early morning moment - playin TUNES for a full smiling crowd dancin into sunrise. "I got the sweetest feeling" surely brought it to the point.
So i have decided to give you an idea how things can turn out musically at a LAZY. party or this weekend open air at the 3rd edition of the Garden Festival in Zadar, will be playin the Argonaughty Boat from 2-6pm with Seargant Troobs and later 10-3am on the beach. Thats on Saturday and i am really looking forward to this!!!

Takin it from oldschool, kickin off with a brilliant example how to re-edit/remix a classic given to you by Marc Rapson to very newschool with my guest Alex Flitsch, the man behind the brilliant Houselabel Connaisseur Recordings and assorted...out of Frankfurt they deliver some of my fave housetunes at the moment. Brilliant mix in the second half of this weeks show. Danke, Alex! Check the label here: www.conaisseur-recordings.com - tune that got me into the imprint is Daso's "Pars Tensa"...

Now on the way, see you at the Garden! www.thegardenzadar.com for the full line up.

btw. many great guest mixes to come during summertime...Atjazz, Louie Vega, Sepalot, Troobs & Rutten at the Garden 2008, ....

enjoy the music,

ps. special ENZOmobil open air thing in the making for next week, so watch out on July 11th. one day later: LAZY. - 3 is the magic number.


guillaume said:
I listen this from Mars(eille) , France
and that's so fuckin' good !!!!
so fuckin good sound, thanks .

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