Roots & future drum&bass. With a diverse selection from dancefloor fillers to dub rumblers.

Playlist 27/06/08

1. Calibre Ft Spacek Shine [Signature]
2. Calibre Alone In A Crowd [Signature]
3. Alix Perez Stray [Shogun]
4. Spectrasoul Alibi [Critical]
5. dBridge & Calibre Ponderosa [Exit]
6. Calibre Big Bang [Signature]
7. Breakage Clarendon [Digital Soundboy]
8. dBridge Mourning Dawn [Exit]
9. dBridge The Question [Exit]
10. Instra:Mental Sakura [Darkestral]
11. dBridge Mr Malcontent [Exit]
12. Alix Perez Inferno [Soul:R]
13. Sinistarr Nixed [Forthcoming Influence]

After a long leave being overseas and tour we see the return of Joe Seven to the Drum n Bass podium.


joe seven said:
ez straightuppers,

apologies for the long absence...enjoy the music

SammyB said:
Love the show, so glad your back!!

Check out my new dnb chillout track =)
AJ said:
check out Killergod by Tim Wright on Novamute... best DnB track ever
Rad said:
i was just thinking to myself when listening to your set, how it sounds like dnb is shifting back to its roots. then you just mentioned that there is a general shift. fantastic i say. bring back the way dnb used to be- this knew stuff your playing is killer. listening from london over here. used to live in melbourne. big ups.
Andy said:
Rad- Deck!
awesome sounds

Gal said:
It's got London/Bogota/Manchester written all over it...
Nice nice melodies mate..Reminds me of Beijing 10 years ago..Club Vougue about 5.00 in the morning..Peace

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