The GOGO Music radioshow shows off what GOGO Music is all about...finest house music only!

Playlist 27/06/08

1. Raw Artistic Soul feat John Gibbons In their eyes [ GOGO Music]
2. Abstract Truth We had a thing [ Wave]
3. John Legend Ordinary People [ Rotgut]
4. Danny Marquez Pyra [ Bubble Soul Tracks]
5. Mood II Swing Slippery Track [ Groove On]
6. Soul Creation feat Stephanie Cooke You're special (Ralf GUM GOGO Music Vocal) [ Foliage]
7. Aaron Jerome feat Kathrin deBoer Misunderstanding (Feliciano Vocal) [ Ricanstruction]
8. Tamara Wellons Like Rain (Nomumbah Mix) [ Ocha]
9. Minimoogli 99.9 Remixes [ Tubetracks]
10. Moodyman Technology stole my vinyle [ KDJ]
11. King Sunshine Love your brother (Abacus Rethink) [ Mixed Signals]
12. Tortured Soul Your dream is your dream (Jon Cutler) [ Coco Soul]

Ralf is currently making waves with the release of his full length album Uniting Music out now worldwide. In this show he demonstrates his deep love for soulful house including some classic cuts, new releases and upcoming tracks...enjoy the music!


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