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Playlist 21/06/08

1. Nu Tropic Revolucion [Jazzmin]
2. Troubleman Change Is What We Need (Progress) [Far Out]
3. Sandman Latin Fire (Kai Alce Remix) [Fast Fwd]
4. The Five Corners Quintet Easy Diggin' [Ricky Tick]
5. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Brazilian Bubble [Ubiquity]
6. Bangers & Jass Som O' Brasil (Re-Edit) [Adult Music Entertainment]
7. Odisee Camera [Jakarta]
8. Drum Brothers Live & Uncut [Kif]
9. Diplomats Of Solid Sound Budget Fro [Record Kicks]
10. US69 Yesterdays Folk's [Fat City]
11. Jimi Tenor Meets Kabu Kabu Sunrise [Sahko]
12. Paper Plane Project You Can Feel [Cardboard City]
13. Saravah Soul Funk E Saravah [Tru Thoughts]
14. Instituto Mexican Del Sonido Para No Vivir Desperado [Lovemonk]

Well, I hope you dig my latest selections. A few newies in their this time - not a sniff of any classic as such but perhaps "future" classics.

Nice to be able to drop something local from Perth and the Cardboard City label. Be on the L.O for the new 12" by Paper Plane Project - sounding very, very good.

I've gotta run, squid to catch. Have a good one and please enjoy Black & Blue.
Paul Gamblin (aka Heavy Mannas)
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ennio styles said:
Thanks for the Paper Plane Project tip!
mark robinson said:

you still doing the do?

i'm moving from auckland to melbourne in a few weeks. i am still doing radio - well kind of - I do a pre-recorded show for UK Jazz Radio.

you still in perth?

email me mark.robbo.au@gmail.com

cheers - robbo

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