Michael is into the Euros while having 2 guestmixes in the show: DJ Chicken George & The Mole, USA & Canada represented!

Playlist 20/06/08

soulsearching #544
2. Malcolm X African Brothers Excerpt [Reprise]
3. Flying Lotus SexSlaveShip [Warp]
4. Flying Lotus Auntie's Harp [Warp]
5. Flying Lotus Testament feat. Gonja Sufi [Warp]
6. Flying Lotus Auntie's Lock/Infinitum [Warp]
7. Jimmy McGriff Space Cadet [Groove Merchant]
8. Omar Come On [Oyster Music ]
9. Detroit Experiment Highest/soulsearching live Edit [Planet E]
10. Gap Band Outstanding/Full 12inch Version [Phonogram]
DJ CHICKEN GEORGEs "Soulsearching Mix"
12. Billie Holiday More Than You Know/Jazzeem's Throwback Remix [Columbia]
13. Kazi A.V.E.R.A.G.E [Stones Throw]
14. Black Spade The Genius in You [OM Hip Hop]
15. Waajeed & The Bling47 Group The Dragon [Fat City]
16. Ty Don't Watch That/Knickers, Y-Fronts And Jockstraps [Big Dada]
17. Zion I & The Grouch feat. Mistah FAB Hit 'Em [OM Hip Hop]
18. Marc Mac Simple Folk [ABB Soul]
19. Guru Feat. Common & Bob James State of Clarity Remix [V2 Records Germany]
20. Will.i.a.m Lost Change [BBE]
21. Antibalas feat. Rich Medina & AfroStreet Ja Joosh (My Country) [Anti]
22. Adrian Quesada feat. Martin Perna & DJ Chicken George Overthrowed! [Swedish Brandy]
23. James Reese & The Progressions Let's Go (It's Summertime) [Stones Throw]
24. Maceo & The Macks Soul Power [Polydor]
25. Build an Ark You've Gotta Have Freedom/J.Rocc Remix [Plug Research]
27. Mellow Madness Save The Youth/Kenny Dope Beats [Kay Dee]
28. Mellow Madness Save The Youth/Kai Alce Edit [Test]
MOLE's soulsearching SPECIAL
30. Brainstorm Journey To The Light/Theo Parrish Edit [Ugly Edits]
31. Donny Hathaway Sugar Lee [Atlantic]
32. Andres feat. Nengue Hernandez About Time [Mahogani Music]
33. Free Life There's Something Better [White]
34. RSL Wesley Music/Danny Krivit Edit [Players]
35. The Mole Knock Twice [Wagon Repair ]
36. Village People 5 o'Clock In The Morning/C.O.M.B.I. Edit [White]


One big record, represented here with 4 tunes - speaking about Flying Lotus on Warp of course. Heavy album, top producer. Once again a tribute to the late Jimmy McGriff who left us with such an amount of brilliant music, especially via the Groove Merchant label, search for the "Red Beans" album! A bit of dipping in the soulpatrol box classics like Omar, Detroit Experiment in an live edit and the Gap Bands full 12inch version which does not need any edit I'd say.
More Edit pressure for a heavyweight soul tune by the Mellow Madness by Kai Alce.

So as the Euros go on and on, just a few hours before the Portugal vs. Germany match is on, i am glad to have excellent mixes by DJ Chicken George out of Austin, Texas, US, providing you with a cool selection of hiphop the way i like it and on the other hand The Mole out of Canadas Wagon Repair corner with a more disco based 40 minutes...all exclusive style of course!
Thanks to both of them, check their productions on ESL music and Swedish Brandy (Chicken George) and the new album "High As The Sky" by Mole.

ps. a big loss for the world of jazz, or better - the world of music in general:
Esbjorn Svenson died tragically at the age of 44 this week. Rest In Peace and thanks
so much for your music! Will try to put together a special for next weeks show.

until then, take good care & ...

enjoy the music,

ps. a few hours later....Germany made it, now lookin forward to the semi finals!
Big up the whole team but also big up and obrigado Mr. Scolari for his work for the portuguese football!


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