A Night At The Jazz Rooms hosted by Mr Russ Dewbury

The Anthony James Quartet (Live)
Elvis Aljus (Live)
DJ’s Mark Walton (Fretless) and Trevor Parkee (Departure Lounge)
Russ Dewbury (Legend!)

What can I say? It was great. Better than great, it was bloody brilliant! What has Sydney been missing up until now? This night. People; Mr Russ Dewbury is in the building.

The civic has one of the best sound systems in Sydney and since it’s refurb, has a very sexy disco décor. The night kicked off at 10pm, by 11pm when I arrived, the venue was packed & the live music was flowing.
The Anthony James Quartet went classic 60’s Brazilian, Bossa Nova, and a mixture of bluesy classy live cuts. I was quite surprised to find out later that these guys had only met and jammed that day. You couldn’t tell, and it was fab. This act set the benchmark for a very high quality night indeed.

Mark Walton and Trevor Parkee stepped up and threw down some class tunes to complement the mood of the evening; funky, jazz-based Latin and groove; the transitions were seamless between all the entertainers. These boys are some of the best Sydney has to offer in this genre, and they brought a nice local flavour to the border-transcending evening.

Elvis Aljus joined the DJ’s to showcase his occasionally extraordinary skill on percussion. Sometimes you just can’t work out how the man can contain so much rhythm and not explode.

Of course, the eagerly anticipated arrival on the wheels of steel was for Russ Dewbury. Russ’s mix-master reputation preceded him, of course, and to cut a very long story short - the man is a frickin’ legend. He managed to single-handedly transport us to the heady summer days of London in a heat wave, Jazz Bop and The Big Chill Festival, and Jelly Jazz, and the Brighton Jazz Rooms, in one fell swoop. Via Berlin. The standard of Sydney night life was instantaeneously raised by, like, ten bars. Dropping California Soul, making everyone ‘Happy” baby, jazzy break-beat, latin, deep funk, soul, rare-groove styles, mixed up (not shaken), and poured into a daqauri glass. With no ice. That may be a metaphor too far, but ultimately, I think you get me?

Get yourself there. The next one is at the Civic on Pitt St. (regular venue) on ???????????
I will be seeing you there for sure.

Mr Dewbury, thank you so very much.

Lady KMD