DJ Delay returns to the source. New dubwise tunes from Japan and other worlds. Some classic High Pass Filter too.

Playlist 10/06/08 - Outernational Dub #4

1. In A Jungle Icchie [Delphonic / Bus]
2. Nature Loving Dub The Lions [Ubiquity]
3. Queen Dub Tiklah [Easy Star]
4. Coconut Milk Dokkebi Q [Unreleased]
5. Mystery Track (Japan)
6. Stranger Icchie [Delphonic / Bus]
7. ESN High Pass Filter [HPF]
8. Oboe Yossy Little Noise Weaver [Farlove / Spiral]
9. Horn Please High Pass Filter [HPF]
10. Si Hecho Palente Tiklah [Easy Star]
11. Lankershim Dub Tiklah [Easy Star]
12. El Park Dub Icchie [Delphonic / Bus]
13. Irie Skream [Soul Jazz]
14. Watchout Alter Echo [BSI]

The 4th Outernational Dub show focusses on new material from 2 albums from Icchie and Yossy (Bush Of Ghosts), with some recent corkers from Todd Simon's "The Lions" and Tiklah's 70s dub emulations. A bit of nostalgia comes courtesy of High Pass Filter's (my old band) original 7" back in '96 and also our LKJ rhythm cover. A bit of dubstep and mangled dub from Skream and Alter Echo respectively. One mystery Japanese disco dub instrumental track there in the middle. I'll track it down - promise!

Cheers Delay.


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