Michael meets Michel, mixtapewise - Michel Baumann aka SoulPhiction aka one of the hottest and deepest producers around!

Playlist 10/06/08

soulsearching #543
2. Tony Wilson New York City Life [Warner Brothers]
3. Latimore Let's Straighten It Out [RCA]
4. Jimmy McGriff (RIP) It Feels So Nice (Do It Again) [Groove Merchant]
5. OTA Esp(ace) [FTC Records NZ]
6. Kid Sublime Pityful Times [Dopeness Galore]
7. Onur Engin Be Still My Soul/Daisuke Tanabe Remix [StraightUp Records]
8. Lars Bartkuhn Dimensions [Sonarkollektiv]
9. Atjazz Parallels/Jazzanova Remix [CDR]
SoulPhiction Xclusive Showcase for Michael Rütten
11. SoulPhiction Changes/IKE Remix [Sonar Kollektiv]
12. IKE Pressin on [Philpot]
13. Alif Tree KDJ Remix Edit [Test]
14. NWAQ Avon Sparkle [NWAQ]
15. Marcellus Pittmann Chicago Nights [White ]
16. Madioko n´Rafika Elleli/Kalabrese RMX [Mo´zik ]
17. Vakula Key Moments [CD-R]
18. MXM Move Me [Philpot]
19. Reggie Dokes Rain [Philpot]
20. Bah Samba Tired little Child/Osunlade Remix [White]
21. BSU Deep Blue [CD-R]
22. Ican Caminos del Nino/Martyn Remix [CD-R]
23. Vakula Break Hearts [Philpot]
24. Tim Toh Join The Resistance Pt. III [Philpot]
25. Metaboman feat. Clueso Frische Luft [Philpot]
27. Wunder What I Know [Karaoke Kalk]
28. Feist The Water [EMI]
29. Prince Crazy You [Warner Brothers (Happy 50th Birthday!)]
30. Ella Fitzgerald I Get A Kick Out Of You/Cinematic Orchestra Remix [Verve]


one of the most significant producers, Michel Baumann aka SoulPhiction, finally got into his studio to do an exclusive mix for ... you. and soulsearching. all worth the wait,
great selection and mix! check his music on sonarkollektiv, album is called "do you overstand?!", and on his own label philpot. thanks a lot, Michel!

bit of a soul intro this week with a RIP dedication for Jimmy McGriff, who passed away 24th may. then into new beats and uplifting tunes by Lars Bartkuhn and Jazzanova remixing Atjazz. and after the mix leaving you with some quiet moments, i.e. by Feist who i had the pleasure to see live last week for an exclusive beautiful one off liveshow here in frankfurt. and ... happy 50th birthday, Prince!

enjoy the music,


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