Fresh from NZ Music Month, Jewel School bring you delights for the ears in an exclusive two part show!

Playlist Jewel School Pt 2

1. Red Rack’Em From NG to BK Feat. Finsta Bundy [Red Rack’Em 12” 2007]
2. Julien Dyne Maddingo [From the Crate 12” 2007]
3. Noah Feat Blu Just Relax (A Dan Aikido Remix) [Wonderful Noise Records Japan_Forthcoming 12” 2008]
4. Recloose Catch A Leaf Feat. Rachel Fre [From “Perfect Timing” LP - Loop Recordings 2008]
5. The Tornadoes and Tyra Hammond Cut Me Deep [CDR Demo Mix 2008]
6. Twinset Mystical Soul [Loop Recordings 2003]
7. Fat Freddys Drop Feat. Alice Russel The Camel [CDR Demo Version 2008]
8. P-Money Water [CDR – “This is a Beat Tape” 2008]
9. Eru Dangerspiel Feat. Parks Back Foot [From Forthcoming Album “Good News For the Modern Man” 2008]
10. Julien Dyne Incredulous (Chris Cox’s Uptown Disco Edit) [CDR Rough Mix 2008]
11. Eru Dangerspiel Feat. Parks Kevin [From Forthcoming Album “Good News For the Modern Man” 2008]
12. Los Cabrones Hola Que Tal (No Comply Remix) [Equitorial Records 2003]
13. The Politik Turn the Light (Woozy Woo Remix) [CDR 2008]
14. Recloose Walking In Turquoise [Rushhour Records 2008]
15. Micronism Dissoulution [From “Inside A Quiet Mind” Album Kog Transmissions Records 1998]

Celebrating New Zealand Music Month, Wellington’s Jewel School DJs dig deep to bring you the best of their country’s homegrown underground music scene.


Finsta of FinstaBundy said:
lmao, it's bugged hearing me voice sped up, dope mix tho...the rest of the list is flavas, one of the reasons I feel in love with NZ

As far as I know, I am not a robot.