Fresh from NZ Music Month, Jewel School bring you delights for the ears in an exclusive two part show!

Playlist Jewel School Pt 1

1. Recloose Feat. Joe Dukie Deeper Waters (Deeper Chorus Version [ CDR – Protools Outtake From “Perfect Timing” LP - Loop Recordings 2008]
2. Bluevibe Studios Feat. LP and Lewis McCallum High Times [CDR – from Forthcoming Bluevibe Studios EP 2008]
3. Electric Wire Hustle Water [(CDR Rough Mix 2008)]
4. Trinity Roots Little Things (Mu’s Mix) [Trinity Roots Music 1999]
5. Feelstyle Going Home (Submariner Instrumental) [Cant Stop Music 2004]
6. The Politik Presents Cherie Matheson 88 Days [CDR - Forthcoming from Mark De Clive Lowe]
7. Ota Feat. Tawiah U Got Me [CDR – Antipodean Records Forthcoming “Pacific Soul” Compilation]
8. L.A Mitchell Circles [From “Debut” CD Album - Honesty Box Records 2007]
9. P-Money Clarence [CDR – “This is a Beat Tape” 2008]
10. King Kapisi Subcranium Feelings [CD Festival Records 1998]
11. Benny Tones Feat. Mara TK Nevermind [CDR “Chrysalis” Album - Demo Mix 2008]
12. Taay and Flying Lotus Feat. Oddissee, Phonte Coleman and Tor The Perch [CDR – Taay Mix – RBMA Various Assets 2008]
13. Electric Wire Hustle Perception [CDR Rough Mix 2008]
14. Opensouls Sweet Love (Adi Dick Remix) [CDR 2008]
15. Ota White Light [From “Technology Dump” CD Album - From The Crate 2008]
16. Jet Jaguar Perks of the Position (with J88 – Look of Love – J.S_Aikido Blend) [CDR 2005]
17. Adi Dick 2008 Audio Colour Beat Tape [CDR 2008)]

Celebrating New Zealand Music Month, Wellington’s Jewel School DJs dig deep to bring you the best of their country’s homegrown underground music scene.


LB said:
wicked these jewel school guys rock !
ennio styles said:
jewel school pick nothing but the gems. i am but a humble student! shouts from melly to welly.
crl said:
Wells Baum said:
That's some tasty stuff.

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