DJ Delay back after a short hiatus with brand new minimaximal clubwise tunes.

Playlist 10/05/08 - Minimaximal #4

1. Marco Brainmix & Paul Cart Paperopoli [Malatoid]
2. [a]pendics.shuffle No Reduction (All The Money) [Adjunct]
3. Lucio & Pep Capa Stort [Malatoid]
4. Delon & Dalcan WOH (Popof Mix) [Boxer]
5. Italian Criminals Thor Of The Noize [Malatoid]
6. Presslaboys Hot Dog [Malatoid]
7. T.Raumschmiere E303 [Shitkatapult]
8. T.Raumschmiere E(version) [Shitkatapult]
9. Folie Form Meets Disfunction [Mitek]
10. Audion Billy Says Go [Spectral]
11. Maurizio M6 [Basic Channel]

Back after a short break with a big swag of new club tunes for minimaximal episode 4!

Special attention goes here to the Italian label Malatoid who've been sending over some excellent promo of high quality fun minimal tech over the last couple of months. More new releases come from France's Delon & Dalcan (new album soon), [a]ppendics.shuffle, the spooky Audion (new 12) & Berlin's gritty T.Raumschmiere has a new 12 of rockin' sawtooth techno. Turn it up & always remember to forward the bass!

Cheers Delay.

* Myspaces: www/ -> malatoidrecords, smackumyongaku, deejaydelay


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