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Playlist 10/05/08

1. Baptman Iluv2luvu [MPM]
2. Jay-Z Feat. Fela Nigerian Gangster (Mike Love's Remix) [Download]
3. Red Hot & Riot Gimme Shit & Water Get No Enemy [MCA]
4. Sonar Kollektiv Orchester Africa (Popkomm Version) [Digital Kollektiv]
5. Bajofono Pa Bailar (Alex Kid Bandido Mix) [Decca Surco]
6. Trus'me Shake A Body [Fat City]
7. Kira Neris Season 9 Episode 12 (Panoptikum Remix) [Futuristica?]
8. Mop Mop Living Beat (Patchwork Remix) [Infracom!]
9. Goldie Presents Metalheads Inner City Life [FFRR]
10. Sasso Feat. Diane Charlemagne Private Lives [Sing Sing]
11. Bangers & Jass Som O' Brasil [Adult Music Entertainment]
12. The Invisible Session I'll Be Your Wings (M&D Mix) [Schema]
13. Luis Radio & Raffa The Mood [Seasons]

New things, old things.... every now and then it's good to take a look back. I opened this show with a brand new instrumental cut from Melting Pot Music's Baptman and then straight into some mash-up strictly download business with Jay-Z with Fela, I kinda like what Mike Love does with this. Then an interesting take of "Water Get No Enemy" from the fantastic Red Hot & Riot album. The Sonar Kollektiv Orchester drop "Africa" on the Digital Kollektiv label, great tune. Nice global dubs from Bajofondo, Keris Neris remixed by Panoptikum (thanks Tom ;-))
Oh, Goldie & The Metalheads crew. Doesn't "Inner City Life" sound brilliant after all these years?
I hope you enjoy my latest Black & Blue radio show. Until next times then... PEACE.
Paul Gamblin (aka Heavy Mannas) http://www.myspace.com/heavymannas


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