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Playlist 3/05/08

1. Plant life - Time Traveller [ Rapster]
2. Fudge Fingas - Getting together [ Firecracker]
3. Kitty Asplund - 99 Bottles [ Recordbreakin]
4. Erykah Badu - Honey (DJ Day remix) [ promo]
5. Linkwood - Faith [ Firecracker]
6. Jellybass - Transatlantic [ LOHZ Recordings]
7. Cutty Lark - Get Caught [ Do Right Music]
8. Pure P - Fonky President [ GAMM]
9. Linkwood Family - Miles away [ Firecracker]
10. Jellybass - Vulgar [ LOHZ Recordings]
11. Kitty Asplund - Move me [ Recordbreakin]
12. Uptown Funk Empire - Boogie [ Soulab]
13. Red Astiare - Your dead wrong [ GAMM]
14. Feist - I feel it all (Escort remix) [ promo]

Where did April go??? I’ve been locked away in a studio most of last month trying to get an epic mix finished which I am glad to say is finally complete… Its taken me best part of a year to finish and a deadline was looming so many apologies for lack of shows last month…

But hey, in the meantime there has been some great music coming out and once again, I’m rounding up the best of my picks for this weeks show. Starting off with the title track from the long awaited new album from Plantlife!

GAMM doing their thing with some cheeky James Brown reworks and some excellent new soul from Kitty Asplund… Have you heard her yet? Very sweet soul music that reminds me of the kind of productions put together by Freddie & Linn…

Good to see that Firecracker have reissued their first ep after the success of the massive Linkwood Family track from last year, I’ve played the whole thing this week, I’m enjoying it that much and I’m sure you will too!

And a massive thank you to Eugene from Escort for sending me over their new remix before it is released. Check out their edit of the new Feist track, sounds like it was lifted straight from the movie, Grosse Point Blank. And make sure you check out the excellent mix they did for straightup last year too if you have not heard it yet. There is an article about them in the interview section of the site and you’ll find the link to their mix there too

Enjoy the show!


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