The GOGO Music radioshow shows off what GOGO Music is all about...finest house music only!

Playlist 23/04/08

1. Ralf GUM Parachute [ GOGO Music]
2. Ralf GUM feat. Diamondancer All this love for you (Rocco Spoken Mix) [ GOGO Music]
3. Ralf GUM feat. Rachel Claudio If No Harm (Jinks Mix) [ GOGO Music ]
4. Soulcreation feat. Stephanie Cooke Your Special (Ralf GUM GOGO Music Dub) [ Foliage CD-R]
5. Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham Kissing Strangers (Feliciano Vocal Mix) [ GOGO Music ]
6. Tamara Welson Like Rain (Nomumbah Mix) [ Ocha ]
7. Manoo Winter [ Earthtrumental Music]
8. Tarek Desafabo (J Kumahara Iwanai Mix) [ GM]
9. Ayro vs Spinna Bounce [ Groovia Sound Project]
10. Hird Keep you hird [ DNM]
11. Rachel Claudio Freedom (Doll Combers Mix) [ Jafa]

Finally a new GOGO Music Radioshow. This time the first half of the mix is a Ralf GUM special, including a forthcoming remix I did, plus 4 tracks (some in form of remixes) taken from my forthcoming album "Uniting Music", out on GOGO Music on 5th of May 2008. In the second half of the mix you can enjoy fresh deep house sounds.


gerry said:
really feeling the new album!

As far as I know, I am not a robot.