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Playlist 31/03/08 - Into The Orient #1

1. Terry Hall & Mushtaq Ten Eleven [Honest Jons]
2. Nil Karaibrahimgil Bencil [Sony BMG]
3. Max Pashm Rembetelli [No Fridge]
4. Watcha Clan Call Of Hagar [Pirahna]
5. Oojami Propaganda [CIA]
6. Ayhan Sicimoğlu & Istanbul Latin Ensemble Reggae Turca Tone [Union Square Music]
7. Eastenders On The Ride [ Poets Club]
8. Brooklyn Funk Essentials Istanbul Twilight [Doublemoon]
9. Al Jawala Bonus Track [Al Jawala]
10. Terry Hall & Mushtaq A Gathering Storm [Honest Jons]
11. BaBa ZuLa & Mad Professor Istanbul Cocuklari [Doublemoon]
12. BaBa ZuLa & Mad Professor Istanbul Cocuklari Dub [Doublemoon]
13. Orient Expressions Istanbul 1:26AM [Poets Club]
14. Maghrebika Al Insan [Park Lane]
15. Turkish Delight Oh De [Doublemoon]
16. Terry Hall & Mushtaq This & That [Honest Jons]

Continuing ITG's eclectic range of shows, we go into the orient for this episode! Firstly focussing mainly on Turkish music with slight excursions east and west - totally appropriate for a country which is the bridge between Europe and Asia.

Some killer collaborations here - most noteworthy being Istanbul's Baba Zula and England's Mad Professor. A great album out on Doublemoon records called "Duble Oryantal" with some great dubs from the professor and guest musicians Sly & Robbie + Alexander Hacke (Einsturtzende Neubauten) + a swag more! Got a few cuts here from Terry Hall (Specials, Fun Boy Three etc) and Mushtaq off the stellar album "The hour of 2 lights". Both are musts for ya music system.

That's all for now folks... lemme know if you're keen to hear episode #2 in the near future.


maki said:
hey DJ Delay
I'm oftenly listening from Mexico.
mandanos cheedo musica mas!!!

delay said:
cheers maki.... watch out for some cumbia later in the year ;)
delay said:
eto......maki arai desuka?
DJ Delay said:
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