DJ Delay plays tunes spaning the spectrum of the planet. Balkan Beats, Outernational Dub, Eurobass, Outsider sounds.

Playlist 11/03/08 - Outernational Dub #3

1. Umberto Echo Sultana [ENJA]
2. Suns Of Arqa Jagnath [Arka Sound]
3. Fedayi Pacha Goma 2 Echo [Pid]
4. Gaudi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mainoo Ole Bai Ke Pee Lain De
5. International Observer Freyburg Place Mat [Round Trip Mars]
6. RUV Bytes Because [Soul Fire]
7. OMFO Cucoo Dub [Essay]
8. OMFO Space Hora Dub [Essay]
9. [dunkelbunt] Dunkelbunt Dub (feat. Amsterdam Klezmer Band) [Chatchapeau]
10. Kiril Babazula Dub [White]
11. Disrupt Riddim Grid [Jahtari]
12. Gnawa Njoum Experience I Lalla Dub [No Fridge]
13. Gaudi Babylon Flamenco [Interchill]
14. [dunkelbunt] Smile (Brian May remix) [Chatchapeau]
15. High Tone Delhi/Khatmandou [Jarring Effects]
16. High Tone African Airline [Jarring Effects]
17. Atom (tm) + Tea Time Mi Tiene Loco Dub [Rather Interesting]
18. Tricky D Ramadub [Tricky Tunes]

A heavyweight excursion through dub across the planet. More fine examples of how wide the tiny Island of Jamaica's musical influence has spread. The main flavours are Indian, Flamenco, Eastern European and Middle Eastern. Classic and up-to-the-time tunes as always - Dive in and, turn up the bass!



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