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Playlist 29/02/08 with Paul Jonas (Tru Thoughts), Nickodemus & Soul Mirage

2. Lorez Alexandria - Morning [Discovery]
3. Inverse Cinematics - Sundrops [Pulver/Creative Vibes]
5. Kylie Auldist - Never Did I Stop Loving You [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
6. Bonobo - In Between the Lines (Nostalgia 77 Remix) (Alternate Unreleased Mix ) [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
7. Me & You - Brown Paper Bag (Flowering Inferno Remix) [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
8. Saravah Soul - Nao Posso Te Levar A Serio [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
9. Milez Benjiman - Chop that Wood [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
10. Kylie Auldist - I'm Still into You [Tru Thoughts/Creative Vibes]
12. Quantic & Nickodemus feat the Candela Allstars - Mi Swing es Tropical [Candela]
13. Boom Bip & Osiris - Voodoo Science [Mush/Inertia]
14. Nickodemus feat Sammy Ayala & the Candela Allstars - Conmigo [Wonderwheel/Creative Vibes]
15. Pimps of Joytime - Street Sound [Wonderwheel/Creative Vibes]
16. Pimps of Joytime - ?? (Chico Mann Remix) [Wonderwheel/Creative Vibes]
17. Balkan Beat Box - Adir Adirim (Nickodemus Remix) [Wonderwheel/Creative Vibes]
19. Ensemble du Verre - Ra [Batterie]
20. Recloose - Can it Be [Loop]
21. Olivier Daysoul - Brain [4Lux]
23. Soul Mirage - Sweet Indian (live in Stylin) [Gold Leaf Studios]
24. Soul Mirage - The Bigg Picture (Galactic Virgin Mix) [Gold Leaf Studios]
25. Soul Mirage - Soul Mirage (The O-Side Mix) [Gold Leaf Studios]
26. Soul Mirage - Darker Side of Clown [Gold Leaf Studios]

This show was a guest-fest! I got to play a total of 5 tunes myself, handing the rest of the time over to guests from around the globe.

First up was the return of Tru Thoughts co-owner Paul Jonas, previewing new music from the label including Quantic's dub project Flowering Inferno, and the new album from the Bamboos' vocalist, Kylie Auldist. Soul, baby! Hold tight for a Stylin visit by Kylie herself before too long.

Nickodemus dropped in next, over from NYC, showcasing new sounds from his Wonderwheel label including a remix of the Pimps of Joytime by Antibalas member Chico Mann. While his profile has been given a big boost from the use of his music in an iPod commercial, Nickodemus is no newcomer to the scene. I probably creeped him out a little by playing him a record he had handed to me when I checked him out in NYC playing alongside Gil Scott-Heron and the Body & Soul crew 10 years ago.

It took Melbourne's Simon Gorman aka Soul Mirage to bring it all home with his new EP straight from the plant. Heavy productions for all the wonky-soul-hop fans, and a little live vocal in Stylin to top it all off. The EP is more of promo thing and won't be instores, so if you're keen to check it out, drop me or Simon a message or go to one of his gigs.

Stylin broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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