Michael with 4 songs from the brandnew & heavy Erykah Badu album, TrebleO cuts, zero dB & Trickski in the mix!

Playlist 4/03/08

soulsearching #534
2. zero dB Sunshine Lazy/Tony Nwachuku Remix [Ninja]
3. Inverse Cinematics Interplanetary Motivations [Pulver]
4. Erykah Badu The Healer [Motown]
5. Dorian Concept Thanks Capital Letters [TrebleO Promo]
6. Erykah Badu My People [Motown]
7. Erykah Badu Soldier [Motown]
8. Katalyst w/Steve Spacek How About Us [BBE Test]
9. Sepalot w/Frank'n'Dank She Likes Me [Compost White]
10. Zapp Dance Floor [Wea]
11. Erykah Badu The Cell [Motown]
12. Nu Era Robot Moves [TrebleO Promo]
13. Kawabaata Persuasion/Serafin Remix [Drumpoet Test]
15. Mark E Fighter [Sonarkollektiv]
16. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari Caprice [Rollerboys Recordings]
17. Baby Oliver Peaktime [Environ]
18. Little Dragon Constant Surprises/Trickski Remix [CDR]
19. Unknown 2.1 [Slowhouse 2]
20. Mr. V The Drum [Vega ]
21. Osunlade My Reflection/Manoo Stella Remix [Defected]
22. Ronnie Parker The Prayer [Earthtrumental]
23. Trickski Lost Tape [MOTT/Sonarkollektiv]
24. Don Drummond N/A [Test]
26. Lonnie Smith Son Of Ice Bag [Blue Note]


B I G album by Erykah Badu. The Queen is back. Heavy. It does not happen that often that I'*d love to play a whole album for you in this show. . . but i kept it to four tunes from the "New Amerykah Part 1 (4th World War" . Badu is definately on the cutting edge with this longplay. Part 2 will be released later in 2008.
So from a brilliant remix of a zero dB Tune to Inverse Cinematics great tune from the debut on Pulver to a couple of tunes taken from the rather sublime "Here Comes Treble" selection on Domu's Label and HipHop on Compost Records (sic!), even finishing off with a bit of Blue Note jazz by Lonnie Smith.
In between it's Trickski in the mix for soulsearching 2008. Sounding good as always. Check their clubnight each 3rd Tuesday of the month at Berlin's legendary Cookies. And their music of course on Sonarkollektiv.

so Kuniyuki will be on next week with his laid back, kinda balearic sounding inspiration information mix,
one week later its finally words, music and special show as put together by Demus for 2 Banks Of 4 , as followed by TrebleO's very own, :shift: in the mix.

...latest news for this saturday in Frankfurt:
ENZO is back after a break. March 8th: Bongos, Bleeps, Basslines, Cakes, Balloons, Heavyweight Gringos.
turntables only. MR & Chris Vogado (zerodB/Ninja Tune) all nite long. www.enzo-ev.de

enjoy the music,


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