Producer, resident dj at "Leb-i Derya//Istanbul" and owner of which embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, hip-hop, soul and eclectic sounds where jazz is the theme.

Playlist Onur Engin

1. Dubben Dubben Goes Bananas [Cdr (2007)]
2. Blossom Dearie I Like London In The Rain [Fontana (1970)]
3. Lee McDonald We've Only Just Begun (Grant Phabao One Drop Rwrk) [Favorite (2006)]
4. Randolph Soul Brutha (In Memory Of Jame) [Still (2007)]
5. Tuff Love Haus Am Wald [Leisure (2007)]
6. Boogaloo Lotari vs. Smooth - Sweat Side [Breakin Bread (2007)]
7. Minimoogli A Funk For Fela [Tubetracks (2007)]
8. Linkwood Family Piece Of Mind [Firecracker (2007)]
9. Little Kids The Influence (Live At The Lounge) [Little Kids (2007)]
10. Breakout Lywe Wire [Melting Pot (2007)]
11. Pieces Of A Dream Mt Airy Groove (S Mans Old School Edit) [Azuli (2007)]
12. Sono Rhizmo Mambocito Mio [Resense (2007)]
13. Quincy Jointz Real (Omegaman Remix) [Cdr (2008)]
14. Krafty Skillz Another One Bites The Dust (Krafty Skillz Edit)
15. Amerie vs. Massive Attack Unfinished Thing (PTA Mix) [Throw Away (2005)]
16. Lack Of Afro The Outsider [Freestyle (2007)]
17. The Last Minister Tribute To JB Family [Irma (2002)]
18. Beatfanatic Boom Bangin' [Soundscape (2007)]
19. BadboE Loose Your Funky Self [Auditory Designs (2007)]
20. Ed Lincoln Cochise [Musidisc (1966)]
21. Color Climax Disque O Drumapella [Breakin Bread (2007)]
22. Pablo Supersweet [Fenetik (2000)]
23. Rube Dharma Bumrush [Jazz&Milk (2007)]
24. Soopasoul Twin Stix [Jalapeno (2007)]
25. Tal M. Klein Emmylou's Underwater Petting Zoo (Tal's Mix) [Aniligital (2008)]
26. Lava A Night In Tunisia [King (2007)]
27. Los Charly's Orchestra Jazz-Funk & Broken Beats [Imagenes (2007)]
28. Roland Schwarz Step In [Etage Noir (2007)]
29. Big M Bongo Pimp Up [Big M Bootie (2007)]
30. Ill Boogs King Conga [Breakin Bread (2007)]
31. Chalice Cooper 2Euroman [Down The Bush (2007)]
32. Soul of Man Between the Eyes [Finger Lickin (1998)]
33. Baw Collective Don't Stop [Do Right! (2006)]
34. Broki vs Simbad Ahi Viene El Broki (Simbad mix) [Bittersweet Candela (2007)]
35. Melchyor A Fonk Muzik (Sp. Blessings Harlem Groove Rmx) [Gotta Keep Faith (2007)]
36. Karizma God Made Me Funky [Defected (2006)]
37. Yosaku + Dj Day The Bottle (Guan Guanco) [Cdr (2007)]
38. Afro Elements Stop You're Killing Me [Freestyle (2007)]
39. Los Charly's Orchestra Venezuelan Bossa [Imagenes (2007)]
40. Quasamodo Porn Star 101 [Timewarp (2007)]
41. Guts And The Living Is Easy (Dj Sayem Remix) [Wax On (2007)]
42. Tw Funk Masters Love Money [Ballroom (2007)]
43. Umbo and Balatz Destiny [Freestyle (2007)]
44. Ancient Astronauts 36 Hours (Audio Infunktion Lo Fi Remix) [Switchstance (2007)]
45. DJ Graham B Its Alright Now [Freestyle (2007)]
46. Jazzconductor Sapio [Dicey (2007)]

No stranger to Straightup is Onur, who has been running his monotape radio show online now for some time. To get us ready for the first releases on Straightup Recordings from Onur, he has laid down this rather fine mixed tape.


Umut said:
Nice selection, nice job bro! Keep groovın'...
Harry H said:
Consumate music wonderful DJ mixing a true DJ of our modern times, This has it all pace, rhythm, beats, vocal, hooks and hit after hit - but 'when this music hits you feel no pain'...

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