DJ Delay plays tunes that span the spectrum of the planet. Balkan Beats to Outernational Dub.

Playlist 11/02/08 - Balkan Beast #4

1. Technocheck Collision Slavic Soul Orchestra [Barbes]
2. Vampyren Östblocket [Östblocket]
3. Darijera Igra Slonovski Bal [Bal Bazar]
4. L'Homme Qui Boit (The Man Who Drinks) Mahala Rai Banda [Crammed]
5. Od Srca Boban Markovic [Pirahna]
6. Ibrahim (with Esma) Fanfare Ciocarlia [Asphalt Tango]
7. Ej, Fejate, e, moj brate Fejat Sejdic [Grand Production]
8. Colindat Mahala Rai Banda [Crammed]
9. In Your Garden 20 Fecund Fruit Trees Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars feat. Marjana Sadowska [Pirahna]
10. Grine Cuisine Östblocket [Östblocket]
11. Dikh Mo Vast Goran Bregovic [Mercury]
12. Mish Fadilak Östblocket [Östblocket]
13. Usti, Usti Baba/Rumunsko Gazal Kocani Orkestra [Crammed]
14. Happy Cocek Östblocket [Östblocket]
15. Učime majko Kocani Orkestra [Crammed]
16. Sisko's Blues Slavic Soul Orchestra [Barbes]
17. Agusev Cocek Ferus Mustafov [Biveco]

This episode we revisit the Balkans with a swag of brass driven tunes! Hear the influence this sound has made as this show features bands from as far and wide as Romania, Sweden, Serbia, USA, Macedonia, France and more. Call up your friends, clear the floor, knock back a Slivovitz or 3 and get on your feet!

More info on this area of music - and Melbourne live Balkan events can be found here:


The baron of tang said:
hey Brian.

sean here from the barons of tang.
just stumbled across your show and now i cant leave it alone.
you saved my ears once again.

cheers mate

much love from me and the barons

Dj Delay said:
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As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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