The GOGO Music radioshow shows off what GOGO Music is all about...finest house music only!

Playlist 8/02/08

1. Nik Holder Time [ NRK]
2. Kelis Till the wheels fall of (GA Mix) [ CD-R]
3. Reel People ft Tony Mormrelle & Imaani Amazing (Jon Cutler Mix) [ Papa]
4. Ann Nesby Tables Turn (GA Mix) [ CD-R]
5. Kemal City Street Walkin [ Purple Music ]
6. Ralf GUM ft Akira Dee Everything U R (Splendid Dub) [ GOGO Music ]
7. Son of Raw Black Man In Space [ Objektivity]
8. Jesus Gonsev Everything is illuminated [ Sofitone]
9. Stephen Rigmaiden Black Sun (Tech Mix) [ Chez Music]
10. Kenny Bobien Set them free (Rocco Spectral Mix) [ SOW]
11. Jill Scott Not like crazy (QH Crazed Shelter Mix) [ Restricted Access]


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