Michael speakin with Little Dragon on the phone and finally releasing this beautiful soulful mix by Mr. Beatnick!

Playlist 5/02/08

soulsearching #531
2. 2 Banks Of 4 Lights On Satellite [Sonarkollektiv Test]
3. Solomon G. Ilori Prayer [Blue Note]
4. Soulphiction Prison Song [Sonarkollektiv]
5. Grace Jones My Jamaican Guy [Island/Strut]
6. Kissey Asplund Fuss'n'Fight [R2 Promo]
7. Portishead Key Bored 299 03 [Myspace Download]
LITTLE DRAGON 2008 words & music
9. Little Dragon Turn Left [Peacefrog]
10. Little Dragon Forever [Peacefrog]
11. Little Dragon After The Rain/Edit [Peacefrog]
12. Little Dragon Wink [Peacefrog]
13. Little Dragon Constant Surprises [Peacefrog]
14. A Little Demo Test
16. The Sub Ensemble Faster Than The Sun [Demo]
Shhhh....BEATNICK's & CHARLES II. soulsearching mixtape extravaganza
18. SsshhhhhhSoulSearching Intro
19. Flying Lotus feat. Dolly Stay [Warp]
20. Paul White Track 19 [CDR]
21. Mr. Beatnick One 4 Jazzy Sport Edit [Test]
22. The Five Stairsteps We Must Be In Love [Buddah]
23. George McRae I Get Lifted [Jay Boy]
24. Neil From Spengler Live And Let Live Edit [BT Edits]
25. Mr. Beatnick Step Right Up Edit [Test]
26. LTD Love Ballad [A&M]
27. De La Soul Much More Instrumental [Tommy Boy]
28. Soundspecies The Makings Of You [Test]
29. Flying Lotus Boogie 4 Diabolic [Warp]
30. A Taste Of Honey I Love You [Capitol]
31. Dwele Startin Something [Test]
32. Marvin Gaye WGO Reconstruction VIP III for Soulsearching Edit [White]
33. Sylvia Pillow Talk [Vibration]
34. American Gypsy Inside Out [BTM Records]
35. Platypus Ice Cream Delight [Test]
36. The Brothers Johnson Stomp [A&M]
37. Travis Biggs Tibetian Serenity [T&C Records]
38. Mr. Beatnicks I Know All The Bitches/Simbad's Slow Remix [Test]
39. Sam Shepard Track 4 [CDR]
40. NikeMate Dilla In Three [Test]
42. Inohs Sivad feat. Diamondancer Somewhere Else [Third Ear]


Little Dragon in 2008 - Yukimi Nagano and Erik Bodin out of Gothenburg/Sweden on the phone, soon on tour in Germany . After their gig at ENZO in December i must say: you need to go there and get your piece of Synth Soul or as i would say, Advanced Pop. Unique and with a very own twist - highly recommended! Listen to the interview and check the dates here: www.myspace.com/yourlittledragon.

And finally on the international airwaves of soulsearching:
a very fine soulful mix by the one and only Mr. Beatnick with a little help of Charles II.
Thanks so much, perfect vibe!

plus: brandnew music by Portishead, 2 Banks Of 4, The Sub Ensemble, Kissey Asplund,
Soulphiction and a bit of Detroit Beatdown vibe to round things off.

enjoy the music,


mat hoods said:
Soulphiction - Prison Song << wow! this has a great groove :D

Excellent show Michael!

As far as I know, I am not a robot.