Toupee and Not Happy Jan are electric partners in crime, subversifying sounds and Sucking Your disco with bent minimalistics and presumptuous electronix.

Playlist 1/12/05

1. Plez 'Can't Stop (Acid Rainforest Mix)' [Plezure ]
2. Pigna People 'Gossip From Da Jungle' [Pigna ]
3. Dennis DJ & MC Cabo 'Tire A Camisa' [Essay ]
4. DJ Mike Dredd '98k Live Part 1' [Rephlex ]
5. M.I.A. 'Pull Up The People' [XL ]
6. Mr. Oizo 'Monophonic Shit' [FCom ]
7. Johnny Blas 'Picadillo' [Ibadan ]
8. Divine 'Jungle Jezebel' [Eskimo ]
9. Pauli vs Tyrell 'Little' [Clone ]

Inspired by this month's Meccanoid theme, NHJ busts

out some jungle voodoo vibes.


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