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Playlist 23/01/08

1. Joe Marchinkievicz - Tomorrows time [ Perfect Toy]
2. Pamoja - Oooh baby [ Perfect Toy]
3. Barkays - You cant run away [ Mercury]
4. Arnold Blair - Trying to get next to you [ Gemino]
5. Linda Lewis - Gladly give you my hand [ Reprise Records]
6. American Gypsy - Inside out [ BBE]
7. Lemuria - Hunk of Heaven [ Heaven Records]
8. Zulema - Giving up [ Sussex Records]
9. Linda Williams - Elevate your mind [ Arista]
10. Carl Davies & The Chi Sound Orchestra - Show me the way to love [ Chi Sound]
11. Black Ivory - Surrender [ P&P Records]
12. Tommy McGee - Give or take [ Luv n’ Haight]
13. The Black Aces of Soul and the Eyes of Ebony - Lets get on down [ Black World]
14. James Lewis - Manifesto [ BMI]
15. Donna McGhee - It ain’t no big thing [ P&P Records]
16. Day Break - I need love [ P&P Records]
17. Mary Love - More love [ BMI]
18. Frank Hatchett - Galaxy Medley [ BMI]
19. Skipworth & Turner - Thinking about your love [ 4th & Broadway]
20. Yasuko Agawa - LA Night [ BBE]
21. Patrick Adams Institute - Kings & Queens [ P&P Records]
22. Alice Clark - It takes too long to learn to live alone [ Mainstream Records]
23. The Voices of East Harlem - I like having you around [ Just Sunshine Records]

This week focusing on suite soul sounds, starting off the show on a slow groove tip…
Joe Marchinkievicz sets the pace for the first five tunes, leading up to a fine track from Linda Lewis.

The next section of the show, kicking things off with American Gypsy, I’ve chosen these for their massive productions. These are some seriously great sounding tracks… Check out the tune by Zuelma.
Huge disco latin soul sounds all round.

Then things get a little grittier, some heavy funk with a rare recording from The Black Aces of Soul and the Eyes of Ebony… Played off a reissue of course, originals of this are not cheap. Speaking of which, the Northern Soul anthem from James Lewis, Manifesto. Took me a long time to find a copy, But I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it!

Love makes for some fine soul music, and it features heavy in the latter part of the show. Beautiful tracks by Mary Love, Alice Clark and The Voices of East Harlem…

Hope you enjoy the selections


Mat Hoods


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