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Playlist 20/01/08 - Clubraggadub

1. Roni Size & Spragga Benz Knock Knock [[Wall Of Sound]]
2. Jaques Le Cont & General Degree And Dance [[Wall Sound]]
3. Jaques Lu Cont & Ce'Cile & General Degree Na Na Na Na [[Wall Of Sound]]
4. Tikiman Music [[Meteosound]]
5. Earl 16 Lovely Day [[Meteosound]]
6. Djosos Krost Better Place [[Panamericana]]
7. Jah Bobby & Djosos Krost Bloody Day [[Panamericana]]
8. Jah Bobby & Djosos Krost Chapter One [[Panamericana]]
9. Tikiman & Rythm & Sound Why [[Burial Mix]]
10. Deadbeat Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues [[Scape]]
11. Deadbeat For Palestine [[Scape]]
12. Twilight Circus Stompa [[Dubhead]]
13. Fenin Warning [[Meteosound]]
14. Fenin None Of Dem [[Shitkatapult]]
15. International Observer London [[Different Drummer]]
16. Meteo / Thiel Bass & Go [[Meteosound]]
17. Ms.Thing & Switch Love Guide [[Wall Of Sound]]

A mellow start to 2008 here with a mix that navigates around the clubbier end of dub/reggae/ragga toons! Expect part 2 of this to come sometime later in the first half of this year!

Cheers, Delay (myspaces: smackumyongaku & deejaydelay)


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