Brian May aka DJ Delay plays tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 20/12/07 - Carni Files #1

1. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy Vicious Hairy Mary [Troy Horse]
2. Welcome To The Theatre Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
3. Eyeball Vicious Hairy Mary [Troy Horse]
4. No No Man Steven Jesse Bernstein [Sub Pop]
5. Goin' Out West Tom Waits [Island]
6. In My Sin Madam Bones Brothel [Extreme]
7. Birthday Sucarcubes [One Little Indian]
8. She's In Parties Bauhaus [Beggars Banquet]
9. Just The Right Bullets Tom Waits [Island]
10. Renunciation Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
11. The 4 (Creat Ishraqi Sun Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
12. Combat For The Angel Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
13. Russian Dance Tom Waits [Island]
14. Bach Is Dead Idiot Flesh [Vaccination]
15. Smelly Toungues Snakefinger [Vaccination]
16. The Owl In Daylight Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
17. Asassins' Blade Secret Chiefs 3 [Mimicry]
18. Won't You Keep Us Working Charming Hostess [Vaccination]
19. Wally The Birdman King Idiot [King Idiot]

We're off to the world of the carny - dwarves, bearded ladies, contortionists etc. Inspired by an aborted dj gig with Amanda Palmer - these tunes'll transport you off to the circus in some dark, far off part of the planet. Night listening recommended!



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