nice folk electronica meets advanced hip hop and rock

Playlist The Tape vs RQM

1. Mugison /murr murr
2. Slicker god bless this mess, this test we pass
3. prefuse 73 rain edit
4. the tape vs. rqm canada
5. roots mauva collosal insight (royskopp rmx)
6. mr oizo vs. price po run witti (bootleg)
7. one self be you own (amp fiddler rmx)
8. the tape vs. amerie one thing (bootleg)
9. the tape alan (mixtape exklusive)
10. the tape vs.rqm /gunplay (mixtape exklusive)
11. four tet fields
12. radiohead i might be wrong
13. the tape vs. rqm rainy summer
14. mad villain strange ways (koushik rmx)
15. sole predictions
16. eight frozen modules 8
17. the tape vs. rqm minimal
18. mr oizo no day massacre
19. heat sensor fall into creek
20. the street machines sad and lonely


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