Progressive sounds from tech to house, electro and the indefinable heathen hybrids that dwell in the spaces.

Playlist 14/12/07

1. Booka Shade Trespas 06 [ Get Physical Music]
2. Agoria Baboul Hair Cuttin 4 (Radioslave remix) [ Different]
3. Rekorder Rekorder 8.2 [ Rekorder]
4. Thomas Schumacher Sui [ Speil-zeug]
5. Stephan Bodzin Kerosene [ Herzblut]
6. Thomas Schumacher RedPurple [ Speil-zeug]
7. Johannes Heil The Magician (Thomas Schumacher Mix) [ White Label]
8. Stephan Bodzin Valentine [ Herzblut]
9. Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy Telesto [ Systematic]
10. The Knife Like A Pen (Thomas Schumacher dub) [ Brille]

Wil-tron is a Melbourne born producer, visual artist & live performer of electronic sounds. Heavily influenced by pop sensibilities and catchy riffs of early 90's grunge his live performances will hook you in and drag your ass to the dancefloor. His DJ's sets range from deep & emotive to glitchy electro-pop we have here...enjoy!


blair said:
houston we have lift off!
Dead Mike said:
WERD. Wil-Tron, my brutha from anutha mutha. I'm only a few minutes in & I'm having flashbacks to all the good ole days. Keep it up & send a disc my way. Chk ya soon my friend.

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