Three weeks on the road in Australia and six weeks in Europe, Flow Dynamics has played some rocking parties this year!

This is a live Flow Dynamics mashup DJ set of funk, soul, hip hop, latin, disco, beats, and breaks, recorded in Barcelona as part of the Gold Diggers Festival at the Sala Apolo on 25th October 2007. I wanted to do something a little different with my dj sets on tour, so I basically had a pile of loops, grooves, songs, acapellas, and song snippets, and then used midi controllers and computer gear to trigger bits and pieces in and out. It means I could do a pile of live remixes and re-edits and make improvised mashups on the fly. Lotsa fun ;) You can expect to hear lots of exclusive edits, live remixes and general mashup madness including Flow Dynamics favourites, old school dusty funk classics, and the latest tunes from around the globe. Funk, soul, hip hop, latin, disco, beats, and breaks. Feel good party styles all the way..."


james said:
Mr. Seeds said:
Nick the Greek said:
Feel like i'm at a block party down in the Bronx ( circa 1976 onwards ) love it,
alex said:
flowing and blowing
me said:
this is a must listen
pachanga guru said:
funki maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan n n n n
kris said:
boring shit herd it all before but this is like a dusty old fart not enjoyed over and over and kept in a box can i say very pretensious fart sounding you really dont have any new edge and sound here just a fart in a spinning in a tumbel dryer really mate bronx 1976 haha not even kiddy

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