Nine Lives The Cat, Sydney born. London teeth cut. Back with a full swag of productions for summer.

NineLives The Cat, AKA Dan Walker. Originally hailing from Sydney Australia, NineLives has been busy working hard in London over the last 3 years sharpening his production skills, pushing a fistful of highly successful releases and working alongside some of breakbeats finest DJs and producers the scene has to offer. Right now NineLives resides at the headquarters of Vlad Sokolov and has been constantly on the go in organising a string of new upcoming tunes, vocal colabs and remixes set for labels such as Brighton Breaks, Sokolov Sounds, Diverted Traffic, Mantra, Mofo, Rocstar Records and TCR. NineLives is a diverse artist that delivers the goods whether in the studio, on a mic or a drum kit and writing tracks throughout all genres from p-funk breaks, dirty tech rollers to electro and punk.

Over the past couple of years there have been a string of releases by the likes of West Records (Bouncin Off The Walls), Sokolov Sounds (Sureshock), Flatout Records (Funky Fingers remix) and the most recent on Hot To Trot (Le Roc) to name a few. As NineLives has also been recognized as a successful emcee amongst the breakbeat scene he has had the awesome opportunity to work alongside artists such as Rennie Pilgrem, Madox, Missill, Rob Reng, Beat Assassins and Diverted either playing live or in the studio his antics and general madness has seen positive reactions from all corners of the industry. Come March of next year we will also see NineLives The Cats debut album "Are We Dead Yet?" drop on Rob Rengs own RuffDog Recordings. An auditory montage of genre clashing with styles ranging from downtemp to hiphop, indie rock and punk, think Gorillaz meets Beck type scenario. Already the single Dogfood has just been released with massive remixes by the Hoxton Whores and Santos which has been receiving awesome reviews all over.

Gig wise NineLives has DJ'd and emceed events from Breakspoll @ Fabric to Chew The Fat at The End, two of Londons most world renowned venues, SEone club with Rennie and Neighbourhood with Cut La Roc and has played shows from Paris, Budapest to Baltimore, Belfast to Brisbane. Also fresh off the mud pit that was this years Glade festival saw NineLives host the breaks stage emceeing alongside some of breaks finest, namely Freq Nasty, Diverted and the Rogue Element among others. Besides DJing and emceeing his own unique shows NineLives also plays drums, keys and emcees for Diverted LIVE (Diverted Traffic) who have performed at Cargo and have just secured a monthly residency there for Ali B's AIR Records night. NineLives The Cat stands to be a truly innovative and adaptable artist who has an experience and involvment with the UK breaks scene which no doubt cuts through on his live performances and studio productions.


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