Brian May aka DJ Delay plays tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 25/11/07 - Eclectronicoz

1. Jah Cryptosporidium Atone [Creative Vibes]
2. Sharazade Mista Savona [Elefant traks]
3. Suuluup Beam Up [Little Rascal Records]
4. Roller Dub Beam Up [White]
5. E.S.N. High Pass Filter [HPF]
6. Goal (Sennamix) Spiderbait [Polydor]
7. No Lines (Fat Westies Mix - Sherrif Lindo, Gemma & Seymore Butz) High Pass Filter [HPF]
8. The Gleaning Beam Up [White]
9. Eureka Unkle Ho [Elefant Traks]
10. Breaza Ca La Clejani Vardos [Vardos]
11. Lost Sky Daffodils Antediluvian Rockinghorse [Psy Harmonics]
12. Untitled Peril [Dr Jim]
13. Amphibious Premonitions Bureau Soma [Extreme]
14. Amphibian Preset Nerve Agent [Clan Analogue]
15. Bouzono Sonical [White]
16. Digital Rubber Boo Boo Mace & Nutcase [Prozaac]

Eclectic Australian Electronica selection from the past 10 years. A mix that was recently hosted on Aus national radio - JJJ's "The Sound Lab" show for the station's Australian Music Month.

This is a first pass as I realised that there's a huge stack of music to choose from! Some of the players cover the dub family: Sherrif Lindo, Beam Up, High Pass Filter, Atone, Gemma & Seymore (of Sydney's Club Kooky), Mista Savona & Soma. The tech family: Nerve Agent, Boo Boo Mace & Nutcase, Sonical. The Odd Family: Antediluvian Rockinghorse, Peril. The budding Elektrobalkan family: Unkle Ho, Vardos+Beam Up.


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