Jewel School Return!! It is NZ Music Month again people and Jewel School drop only the freshest of Kiwi tunes. We know that!
Lady Something Different, Tokyo Japan, brings a fresh approach to freestylin'
JPS aka Jerry Poon, Melbourne based DJ/producer.
saca la mois DJ!! (a.k.a. Moses Iten) is a dancefloor-obsessed DJ
No need for introductions. With Tosca's new album out we hear from the man himself.
Fresh outa Ibiza, Jose Maria Ramon
Straightup Recordings Special
Sampology and Peter G rock the mix.
Label boss of Raw Fusion and phenomenal DJ. Straightouta Sweden.
Head man of Jazz and Milk Recordings and producer laying it thick.
Owner of Tree club in Japan and one of the countrie's top Jazz/Freestyle DJs.
Sydney producer and great friend of Straightup lays it down minimal styly.
Herr Dunkelbunt returns to our airwaves. Bless up the Brazilian action!
Wood! comes with a warning of gentle oratory perusasion of the political kind.
Mr Scruff is back after a summer of madness it would seem.
DJ BadboE outa darkest, northernest Denmark rocks up the decks!
Z Trip - The time is right!
Favela Clash mix by Cassiano
Ai Trick Beats – exclusive straightup guest mix
Danny Massure is based in Seattle, Washington and the Flow Dynamics of the West Coast USA. Distinctly funky with a massive live element to his shows.
Mat Hoods - A guide to Audio Rubbing (Part two)
Sharif D (aka Sharif Darmansjah) is a Brisbane musician/producer recently signed to UK downtempo label Summer Rain Recordings.
The maestro of the balkan sound returns with some jazzed up swinging flavours to trip the ears fandango.
Fresh from NZ Music Month, Jewel School bring you delights for the ears in an exclusive two part show!
Fresh from NZ Music Month, Jewel School bring you delights for the ears in an exclusive two part show!
Here Edseven lays it down all jazzy and broken beat style with a touch of afro beat for good measure
Aroop Roy is a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist originally from the UK and now residing in Tokyo.
Noel Boogie is one of Australia's most interesting DJs, here is a short set from his studio.
Nostalgia 77 aka Bendic Lamdin recorded at the Villas, Brighton UK, 2008.
Tomski aka Tom Frain of Altered Vibes attacks the decks again.
Glenn Fallows, founding member of Ed Meme and The Forms (UK) lays it down thick and funky!!
Dunkelbunt returns. After a two month stint in Australia. Dunkelbunt is back in his native Austria and sent us this mix as a thank you for all!
Producer, resident dj at "Leb-i Derya//Istanbul" and owner of which embraces a variety of nu-jazz, broken beat, hip-hop, soul and eclectic sounds where jazz is the theme.
Paul Masters is a connessieur of the jazzed out funky stuff we all love so much.
Mo' Horizons and their Sunshine Today Tour mix.
The Nomad brings home an exclusive mix of good groove for straightup's xmas box.
edseven. DJ, producer and song master out of Sydney.
Guest mix from Melbourne sly man of the decks, Simon Bajada.
[dunkelbunt] has been setting audiences ablaze with his eclectic world music mix.
Jay Shephard. Mixtape.
Nine Lives The Cat, Sydney born. London teeth cut. Back with a full swag of productions for summer.
Organic sounds, soulful hip hop. All in a days work for Dutch producer Sotu The Traveller.
a/k/a CHRISTIAN KESSLER (Poets Club Records - Germany)
Mixed live by Erik Cascone & Mauro Di Martino for Sicania Soul Inc at Kosen Rufu studio, Bologna, IT.
One half of Eddy meets Yannah. Eddy Ramich lays down some very beautiful mixes for us. Exclusive to Straightup.
Special Ninja Tune guest, DJ Saffrola lays it on thick in the mix for us.
Chicken George is one funky piece of poultry! His unique styles shine brilliantly on this, an exclusive straightup mix.
Marc Hype and Jim Dunloop play that rare combination of funk breaks and progressive dance. Turntables and a funky piano!
Straightup is joined once again by Jan Siegmund of Department Deluxe, bringing the freshest sounds out of the German Jazz Szene.
Simbad (aka P.L.Stanislas Renouf).
Quasimode, by far one of the most exciting jazz acts to be playing in Japan currently.
Zeep. One of the most exciting live acts currently touring Britain.
From Newcastle/UK Smoove seems to be the shooting star of today’s electronic freestyle music scene.
Quincy Jointz is DJing for years and doing different radioshows. In 2003 he formed the project Geriba. In 2006 he started to produce own tracks and remixes.
Beat Sloer akaSeelenluft aka Silvercity Bob is obviously feeling the tepid weather with this humid mix of treats
a very different mix this time around from eleventhirtyeight called "through the catflap"
Compost Record's Wagon Cookin are about to release a new album. We have a taster!
Phil Brokelmann of NZ based Curl Curl Records lays it all thick and wintery like a cold six foot swell.
Jan Siegmund of Department Deluxe joins straightup once more, for another two hour show of the hottest in jazz!
Simon Bajada is Melbourne's best kept secret. Running two sneaky monthly nights at Murmer and now Phoenix. One hears his wild eclectic tastes stretch across continents and generations.
Winner of the WAM Song of the Year 2006 award in the electronic dance category, Flow Dynamics get all funky on straightup's ass.
Mad Mongos AKA Mike Shears from Bournemouth in the South of England.
Stacey Pullen is one of the true innovators of the Detroit Techno scene. A master on the crest of the second wave.
One of the Future World Funk posse and the original Hackney Globe Trotter! Russ Jones impresses every time.
John has been a favourite at your more eclectic London nights since the 80s. Now a resident of Melbourne and a much anticipated breathe of aural pleasure to the scene.
Ben Mono - our favourite German (well one of them anyway). Returns to rock and groove it up with this out of space mix.
A very special guest this week is Jan Siegmund of Department Deluxe Radio Show. If you like your jazz tune in and start snapping.
Mr Scruff. DJ, recording artist, pie eater & cartoonist has kindly put his tea aside and laid down this rather sensational mix for straightup
Dj/Performer Ahu hot out of Istanbul, Turkey. Playing it on the soulful tip!
Chikashi Nishiwaki is the renaissance man of the Japanese underground scene. Here he lays down a chill mix for straightup.
Rob Spoljaric-Inphusion Music's head man. Coming out of Nuremberg is no excuse not to be funky!
Sydney producer Rephrase aka Jaime Olsen is not killin time as Superman's sidekick but straightup's latest guest mixer!
An act that needs little introduction; having cut up mixes for a who's who in the last few years.
Whether it be in his jazz quintet, in the studio or alone on the decks. Parov Stellar is unequivocably Austria's greatest musical export of the last two years.
Nightmares on Wax launch out of the studio to deliver some storming sets at this year's Good Vibrations Festival.
Q-Burns Abstract Message a special mix for from the man himself.
Aquasky have more breakbeat tracks in the market place than any other producer.
Our man Loot is back and given us beats like you ain't heard before. Booty shaking action.
Guest show.Rick Bull aka Deepchild has done it for us one more time! Smooth selections of the Sydney style.
Edseven’s influences range are far and wide. Most importantly, he knows how to rock.
Trout aka Andrea Ahimie-Carthy has laid down an exclusive mix for 'straightup' of soul/funk/disco vibes.
Si Begg's music sometimes sounds nice, sometimes it is mildly grating. A straightup exclusive mix!
Around since the early 90s one of the most influential Future Jazz outfits in Germany.
The Cosmic Space Disco Mix is a blend of disco and funk played in Adriatric Coast discos of the 70's.
Melbourne's own Bajada (Dicey) lays down a mix of afro/funk/beats to give us some more of that summer love.
Deadbeat is one Scott Monteith, has been releasing his own blend of dub laden, minimal electronics since 2000.
Straight outa France with special blend of soul/hip hop and broken beat. KM3 hits Australian shores!
The deepchild sound? Low-slung disco dubs and teched out boogie fusions, West-Coast G-funk to Berlin minimal.
Just dropped on us, a fantastic collection of tunes that are riddled with that special Ben Mono spice.
Mad Mats played in Melbourne, Australia last month and rocked the house. This mix is no exception.
aka Subrok Mission in the Mix, long time crew of Switchstance Records lay down a dubbed out club mix.
Long time master of the Breaks currently touring our shores. Ils mixes up what is rocking his decks.
Greg Dread - founding member and co-producer of Dreadzone spun this our way, kicking up the bass.
I'm just trying to keep it soulful, as always, so there's a bit of everything in there.
Joscha is doing a regular guest mix for straightup, this being his first. Jazzy eclectica !!
Beatonik head honcho D.E.K with this super funky mix he did for Ninja Tunes radio program Solid Steel.
Clare Large is one of the UKs most hardworking, dedicated and exciting DJs. This mix exudes nu-jazz trips.
Russ Jones of Future World Funk, after touring recently & continuously tearing up dance floors lays a mix.
One World Music head honcho Leigh Wood brings us this beautiful mix of Eastern and Western musical.
Old tunes, current tunes and tunes to be released in the not too distant future. Altered Vibes !
Anna Kiss is heavy on the garage/house scene, generating much love and disco in her world.
DJ Atari recently filled up on all the new Favela jams that she could carry while in Brazil. Killa mix.
All the way from Sao Paolo., Brazil meet the boys responsable for furthering the I Love Baile Funk phenomena!!
Camo has laid down a mighty mix of what he thinks are some of the best grime/dub sounds around.
Over fourty fantastic, fabulous supersonic sounds, guarenteed to turn you around!
DJ Dreck is responsible for the local little Monday Dub sessions down at Horse Bazaar & the chill festival, Submerge.
Chris has developed quite a reputation over the past years for pioneering new music through, Fluid Ounce.
Jimpster lays down a sweet showcase of some of Freerange records latest releases.
This straightup hoodlum tribe mix special is constructed by dunk le chunk and mat d.....
Nice folk electronica meets advanced hip hop and rock, the best of the boys tracks in the mix.
New life dj mix from Curl Curl Records operator; a dance mix with tangs of salt washed off from a days surf.
Live at The Amnesty International Freedom Festival Melbourne in September 05.
From their kitchen in Berlin and Kitty Yo Records. SID lay down some tracks exlusively for straightup.
It's harvest time at Floz records and the month of dirt reveals itself to be a dark, hard and heavvvy broken affair.
Nice stuff! Not that 'Nice' nice stuff, but that NICE stuff! the stuff that gets you salivating in the record shop.
Kid Kameleon believes one thing for sure, that at the end of the day, good music gets made. It's more than love.
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Jewel School Return!! It is NZ Music Month again people and Jewel School drop on the freshest of Kiwi tunes. We know that!
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European that is the name for this sound, the sound that SEPALOT has chosen to be his own.
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Recorded live at the Freedom Festival for Amnesty International, Ursula Rucker and her band give an upright performance.
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